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First Paragraph: identify who you are and that you have just finished reading their book.You might mention that you read it for a memoir/biography assignment and what you enjoyed. Remember, be polite!

The second-third-etc. paragraph should begin the body of your letter (the number of paragraphs you use is your choice). You should try to keep your letter to less than one page as your reader is a busy person and doesnít like a long-winded fan to bog down their time. This is where you should ask any questions you have for the author or any comments you would like to make about the book, its content, or style.

Be sure to organize your ideas into paragraphs.

The last paragraph should include any final thoughts and thank the writer for their time.


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Sincerely[SSL9] ,




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 [SSL1]Note that your name does NOT appear here.

 [SSL2]It may be reasonable to email your author; many books now provide that information or it can be found online.If you choose to email your letter, you can put all this information at the end of the letter under your name.


 [SSL3]Itís not a bad idea in a printed letter to provide your email address; many authors prefer to return mail via email.

 [SSL4]Always use the authorís title and full name here.

 [SSL5]Make sure you include what the person wrote so that his mail sorters know to what agent to forward the letter.

 [SSL6]If we donít have your authorís direct address, you will mail it to the publisher. This info is located on the copyright page or flaps.

 [SSL7]This entire address will be copied onto the envelope.

 [SSL8]Use only the last name here; this is a formal letter.

 [SSL9]Notice how the signature lines up with your address info

 [SSL10]Skip 3 lines for signature in blue or black ink

 [SSL11]Write your full name without a title.