Ms. Gokturk

Expository Writing

Four Corners of the Personality World:

Arguing to Persuade of Your Prowess!

You chose a personality trait based on the four directions and are now sitting with others who are like-minded. You should, on a separate piece of paper, write out a T chart based on the PROS and CONS of your group. Consider what is good about your type of personality working together and what is bad. Please post this T chart on the board.

Also, please construct (as a group) the outline to an essay entitled "Why ____ Group is the Best!" Remember to follow the outline form and have three general points (minimum) to make with three follow up supporting points for each. And donít listen, this is very important... ANTICIPATE the opposing arguments! [They are on the board!] This way, your argument is fool-proof!

Please have all names written on the outline.