Ms. Gokturk

Expository Writing

Expository Essay Prompts

[adapted from PSSA at <>]

Your next essay assignment is to write an expository essay. This should be a five paragraph (or more) essay and you should follow the outline form you were given. Each body paragraph should have approximately ten sentences and should use specifics to support your opinion.




Please choose one of the topics below as the basis for your essay.

  1. Each child has a special position in their family. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the position you hold in your family--youngest child, only child, middle child etc.
  2. Explain why students plagiarize.
  3. Explain why high school students drink/smoke/ and/or try drugs.
  4. Explain why car insurance rates are so high for teens, especially boys.
  5. Explain why seniors slack off their senior year.
  6. Explain why college is so important to some people.
  7. Describe how you can identify a freshman.