Ms. Gokturk

Expository Writing

Handout #1

The Process Analysis Process … Analysis of…

Narrative essays tell us what happened. Cause and effect essays tell us why something happened. Process analysis essays tell us how something happened.

Process Analysis Essays explain:



Process Analysis must be:

-- clear -------à don’t use vague words like "thing." Be specific.

-- detailed -------à bring your reader to a point where they can see what you describe.

-- organized -------à usually chronological!



Class Exercises (Get out of your mental chair)

Work in groups of three or less. Please choose one of the following and write ten steps that explain the process of one of the following:

  1. Directional. Describe, step by step, how prepare the perfect date. Remember, you must be clear, detailed, and organized! When finished, read your results aloud and have someone follow them. Does it work?
  2. Informational. Describe, step by step, your hypothetical worst day possible. Begin at waking and end at sleeping.