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Sample Thesis Statements for the New York Multi-Genre Essay


Your multi-genre essay is a compare-contrast essay. Your job is to create a controlling idea that acts as the basis for your literary analysis of two or more works.


I'm not sure I know How to Do This!

Many students panic when they are faced with the ominous sounding "literary analysis." Fear not. You are driving your criteria, so your thesis statement, which is your opinion, is the most important.


Sample Statements:

Outsiders to New York very often do not relish the brusqueness of its citizens. David Sedaris' essay, "City of Angels," Allen Ginsberg's poem, "Mugging," and Tom Wolf's short story, "Only the Dead Know Brooklyn," depict New Yorkers as insensitive.


Although outsiders may not understand the beauty of Manhattan, citizens of the city can find positive aspects to the great city. In Liebling's essay, "Apology for Breathing," and David Sedaris' essay, "City of Angels," the narrator's become frustrated with the outsiders' negative vision of the New York way.


New York conjures many emotions, varying from love to hate. Authors such as David Sedaris, Allen Ginsberg, and Arthur Liebling demonstrate how one may have conflicting feelings about a place that contains just as much wonder as it does horror. Sedaris' essay, "City of Angels," pits a tourist who despises and mistrusts New Yorkers against the narrator's point of view, which comes from a New York citizen who enjoys it. Ginsberg's poem, "Mugging," juxtaposes two stark images of a before and after New York from the point of view of a narrator who has been mugged. Arthur Liebling also explores how New York has positive elements, which he contrasts with the outsider point of view who compares New York to their home, never seemingly grasping the power of New York on its own.


New York is a terrible place, according to the works "City of Angels" by David Sedaris, "Mugging" by Allen Ginsberg, and "Only the Dead Know Brooklyn" by Tom Wolfe.



What is your thesis?





Once you have your thesis paragraph in place, you must decide on a structure: How will convince your audience of your thesis and prove it to them using analysis and evidence from the literary works? [PLEASE USE YOUR GLOSSARY TO AID YOU.]