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Notebook Rubric

You have been given a notebook that you will use during this course. It will be collected periodically and given a project grade. The purpose of this is to make you a better note taker!

How are notebooks graded?

No two notebooks look exactly the same, but we can make some generalizations. A good notebook (one that receives a high grade):





NAME: __________________________

Exemplary (A)

Meets Expectations (B)

Needs Improvement (C)

Needs Much Improvement (D)

GENERAL: Number of required entries present. This includes all class notes, class work, and homework assignments. Entries are neatly written in the notebook, not a binder or loose leaf paper. (40 points)


DEVELOPMENT: Entries have been developed to reveal complete ideas. Examples, details, quotes, and vivid descriptions make these entries come to life. Reader is not left hanging. Class notes contain all materials discussed in class. (20 points)


ORGANIZATION: Entries are clearly labeled with the appropriate heading: date, title of lesson and type: CN, CW, HW). Entries are easy to locate because they are written in a logical sequence.

(10 points)


NOTE TAKING STRATEGIES: Student has developed clear and effective note taking strategies including visual organizers, asking questions, and diagrams. (10 points)

EFFORT & IMPROVEMENT: Overall visible effort and commitment made to the notebook. Entries show a progression towards writing at length. This is a learnerís tool.

(20 points)