Ms. Gokturk                                                                                          Expository Writing




You’ve decided on your significant moment. Now you need to organize! Please answer the following questions with as much details as you can muster ON A SEPARATE SHEET OF PAPER. Write out answers by hand or type. Please write in complete sentences.


1. What is your story about? (Please make sure it is about a specific moment/event of focus.) [i.e., Helen Keller writes about meeting her teacher; Dick Gregory about his teacher shaming him; and Trena Isley about the day she quit track.]


2. What main point or idea do you want your reader to learn and remember? [i.e., Helen Keller wanted us to understand how she learned hope; Richard Gregory learned shame; and Trena Isley about her deteriorated relationship with her father.]


3. List what happened:

a) Describe the event itself:

b) Describe the events leading up to this moment:

c) Explain the Consequences, Effects, Aftermath, etc.


4. Look at all the items you included in number three. Do they all fit your purpose? Should you delete some? Can you add some? Please cross out with one neat line those you can delete and add others to the list. (Use the strikethrough feature in the format/font  menu if typing.)


5. A good way to help your reader see a memory is to appeal to the senses of sight (including color), touch, smell, sound. Add some of these elements to your list above. Go back and fill in descriptive adjectives and metaphors/similes that help bring our senses into your narrative.


6. Now that you have all of the content in place, create an outline. You must decide where to begin. Each author begins somewhere:



Begins during the significant moment

Goes to Flashback

Discusses the aftermath



Gives background of relationship

Builds up to significant moment

Passionatley describes aftermath



            Gives suspense of significant moment

            Elaborates on event

            Indicates Aftermath


Think back to the other essays you read in the packet. How were each of those constructed?


Be sure to be clear as to where you will begin and what sequence you will follow... Use Roman numerals to designate paragraphs/parts of the essay.

Bullet the points to be covered.


For example:



I Reflection of significance

            -learned shame in school

II-III Background info

            - Describe Helene and relationship

            - Describe cleanliness & poverty

IV The Significant Moment

            - Lead up beginning with sitting in dunce seat

            - teacher's oversight & confrontation

V Conclusion

            - Shame is everywhere