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Expository Writing

The Personal Narrative (or Autobiographical Essay)

YOUR TASK: To choose a significant event from your life and write a narrative essay of approximately 500-1000 words.

The main purpose of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to write about a personal experience in order to get to know and understand yourself better. During the process, you will learn ways to articulate personal experience to inform and entertain others.

Narrative provides human interest, spark our curiosity, and draw us close to the storyteller. In addition, narratives can create a sense of shared history, linking people together. They can provide entertainment as most people enjoy a thrilling movie or an intriguing book. Narratives can also provide psychological healing; reading or listening to the narrative of someone who faced a life crisis similar to one you are experiencing can help you through the crisis, as well as also help the writer deal with the crisis. They can also provide insight -- narratives can help you discover values, explore options, and examine motives.

For this essay you will need to write about one specific experience that changed how you acted, thought, or felt. Use your experience as a springboard for reflection. Your purpose is not to merely tell an interesting story but to show your readers the importance and influence the experience has had on you.

Characteristics of a narrative:
∑ Narratives make a point
∑ Narratives convey action and details
∑ Narratives present a conflict and create tension
∑ Narratives sequence events
∑ Narratives use dialogue
∑ Narratives are told from a point of view

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