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Expository Writing

Personal Narrative: How to Write the Introduction

Over the years, you have probably had teachers hammer it into you that your essay’s introduction should include some sort of attention-grabbing device (quote, question, description, fact, etc.) and your thesis statement. The personal narrative is no exception.

Read the essays in the packet that you were assigned. For that essay, discuss with your group the essay. Be prepared to summarize these points to share with the class:

    1. What is the main point/idea the essay conveys?
    2. What is the significant moment?
    3. What are the events leading up to it?
    4. What is the aftermath?
    5. How has the author STARTED the essay?

Reconsider the essays we have read. Where did they each begin?

"Shame" (p.262) = Gregory states his thesis immediately and gives three paragraphs of background information to establish the feelings the little boy had for Helene which will later show why his shame was so profound.

"The Most Important Day" (p.32) = Keller reveals the thesis of her essay right away and then describes the events of the day. Her description reveals the setting and creates tension.

"On the Sidelines" (p.4) = Isley begins with the dialogue, the actual event itself. The thesis is not totally clear until the end. The conflict between daughter and father is developed throughout the essay beginning with this, the significant events and then flashing back to previous moments.

Claude Brown’s unnamed essay on playing hooky begins how?

The thesis is:
The conflict is:
The aftermath is:

Assignment for today

It’s your turn! Your organization sheet has been returned to you. Please take a moment to review my comments. As you have thought about the structure of your essay, it is your turn to write the introduction.

What is your thesis (refer to main point/idea)?

What will work best for you?