Name: _________________________ Narrative Title: _____________________________





Introduction, Conclusion (Reflections and Aftermath), Topic Sentences, Title (20%)

Body, Development, Organization (40%)

Vocabulary, Mechanics (Punctuation, Spelling, Capitalization, Grammar, Typos) 20%

Effort, Improvement, Presentation (20%)

Distinguished (or "WOW!")


Creative introduction and conclusion; purpose of essay is obvious and fulfilled; compelling introduction and profound conclusion; original topic sentences. Profound impact narrative: both the writer and reader learn from the narrative. Aftermath is profound. Compelling Title.

Gives reader dynamic impression and profound understanding of the author and event; aptly uses dialogue and description to show event; creative transitions; uses similes/metaphors; explores inner qualities of author; narration adeptly; weaves essential facts and elements into narrative artfully.

Professional. Sophisticated. High level, active words are selected deliberately. There is no more than one mechanical error in the entire story. Sentence structure is varied.

Evidence of substantial time; student is working at highest potential; interviews are thorough and factual. There are no errors in names or content. Student sought help in or out of class from teacher and students. Student chose a challenging topic. Revisions obvious.

Proficient (or "Pretty Decent") (16-18)

Solid introduction that uses "catchy" intro device; purpose of essay is clear; clear topic sentences. Narrative provides insight about the author and for the reader. Aftermath is clearly defined. Catchy title.

Gives reader vivid picture and deep understanding of author and event; sophisticated transitions; uses similes/metaphors; uses dialogue and description to illustrate event; creative presentation of significant event.

Most vocabulary is sophisticated and used properly. There are no more than 3 mechanical errors.

Evidence of time. Student is working near highest potential; some improvement; polished presentation. Student sought help in or out of class. Revisions made.

Satisfactory (or "Fair")


Basic needs of introduction and conclusion are met though intent may not be totally clear; clear topic sentences; intro and conclusion meet minimum length requirement. Reports facts without insight. Aftermath is mostly present but impact is not strong. Basic Title.

Recounts event but does so in a basic, predictable and/or awkward way; little or no similes/metaphors; awkward transitions; too much telling and not enough dialogue and description

Uses simple words and takes few risks. Vocabulary is somewhat dull and/or repetitive. Author has used a lot of lazy words. Narrative is legible but contains multiple errors.

Adequate amount of time is evident; similar errors in previous stories; little or no improvement; neat presentation. Some revisions made.

Unsatisfactory (or "Needs A Lot of Work")


Intro and/or conclusion is either too short, missing, or confusing. Topic sentences are missing or confusing. Neither the author nor the reader has learned anything from the event. Aftermath is missing. Inappropriate or missing title.

Uses sweeping generalizations with no supporting examples; little or no dialogue or description; missing or confusing transitions; no attempt to use similes/metaphors; information is unfocused or confusing; paragraphs too long, too short, or indented.

Misuses basic vocabulary. Difficult to read because of a number of distracting errors.

Repeated errors; class-time was not used productively; little or no time or care; sloppy; little or no revision evident.

Total Score