Ms. Gokturk

Expository Writing




Before you hand in your personal narrative, you should evaluate what you have created, both in structure and content. You should be able to answer the following questions with as much details as you can muster. You do not have to write these out, but you should be aware of what you have written.


1. What is your story about? (Please make sure it is a specific moment of focus.)


2. What main point or idea do you want your reader to learn and remember?


3. List what happened (skip lines between the items on the list):


        a) Events leading up:


        b) The event itself:


        c) Consequences, Effects, Aftermath, etc.


4. Look at all the items you included in number three. Do they all fit your purpose? Should you delete some? Can you add some?


5. Review your use of dialogue. Is the dialogue helping the purpose of your essay? Are there areas where you could show more and tell less? Revise your essay!


6. Review your use of sensory description. Is your setting clear? Do we know where you are?


7. Review your lazy words. Is there a better word? For example, avoid “amazing” and “boring.”