Ms. Gokturk

The Persuasive Essay: Listen, Iím Right, Youíre Not!

[Adapted from The Five Paragraph Essay at and News Day at]

Everyone has an opinion. Very often these donít match up with those of othersí. A persuasive essay attempts to convince the reader that the point of view or course of action recommended by the writer is valid. To accomplish this, the writer must develop a limited topic which is well defined and debatable, that is has more than one side. In the essay, only one side of the issue is argued; however, in order to have a sound argument, the counter arguments should be incorporated and discounted. The writer must offer specific evidence, examples, and statistics to back up an opinion.

YOUR TASK: Write a 5 paragraph model essay in which you argue your position. Here is a good formula to follow:


BODY (at least 3 body paragraphs):