Ms. Gokturk

Advanced Composition

The Portfolio: Egads! It's the End of the Term!


DUE JUNE 12, 2014


You've spent time and shed many tears to get through this course.  You have a body of writing to show for it, and it’s time to “publish.”  Your goal is to revise and polish, publish, and be proud! By the end of the term, it is expected that you have ALL of your writing polished/revised and placed lovingly into your portfolio.


The Magazine Portfolio

You will use a desktop publisher (Microsoft Publisher) to format your journal into a professional looking publication.  It is not acceptable to punch some wholes in your graded work or rip out pages from your journal.  I do not want to see my comments!  Also note that you must find a way to make your portfolio inviting to read with illustrations for each work. Be decorative and inventive. Suggestions include fashioning a magazine replica (Time, People, The New Yorker, Sport Illustrated, etc.), creating a personal newspaper format (both methods use desk top publishing),  using MS Word booklet printing, using art or photography techniques, creating a “story- book” or “biography.” Make it purty.



¾    Bring in a hard copy magazine to reference (10 points)

¾    Consolidate all work on to a flash drive or email; ALL work must be accessible on the school computer

¾    Be sure that you have labeled each piece of writing with what it is and its own personal title

¾    Find personal photos to illustrate  your magazine;  email them or put them on a flash drive

¾    Revise all work.  Use my comments and peer comments as well as your own mind.  Time away from your work will give you new eyes

¾    Type all Writer Responses.  You need not write out questions, but your responses should stand as their own paragraphs

¾    Type Post-Course Reflection Statement (one page, single spaced) (25 points)


General Requirements for the Portfolio

This will be your last project grade. In order to receive full credit per piece, each piece must reflect revision and effort in presentation (graphics, illustrations, creativity, etc.).  Revise all work (except the Pre-Course Reflection Statement).  At minimum, this means reading through the comments and fixing the glitches; however, in order to receive the best portfolio grade, your work should be revised – not only typos but also tense, inconsistencies, questions I posed should be addressed as should suggestions be considered, formatting (omit those extra spaces) should be fixed, etc.  Real revision means reworking your pieces to make the writing clearer and more developed. Review the comments from your peers (I circle the ones that demonstrate areas where you could further improve your pieces) and my scribble in the margins.


Full points are given if work is cleaned up, neatly presented, and has a meaningful illustration.










PORTFOLIO.  Please assemble in the following order:


¾    Cover Page  with Title and Your Name (index page for webpage is both the Cover Page and Table of Contents) @ 10 points

¾    Table of Contents (with page numbers for hard copy) @ 10 points

¾    Pre-course Reflection on Self as Writer + illustration @ 10 points

¾    Typed One Page Journal Compositions  + illustrations  @ 5 points each (= 30 points)

1.      School Memory (positive or negative)

2.      Influential Person (Teacher/Mentor/Coach)

3.      Encounter with a Stranger

4.      Important Object  or Place

5.      How are Meursault and Martha Absurd Heroes (“Myth of Sisyphus” HW)

6.      One quote from either The Stranger or The Misunderstanding Used to Discuss Two Works

¾    Personal Narrative / Significant Moment (1000 words) + illustration @ 10 points + typed up Writer Response intro/after word @ 5 points)

¾    I Believe/Personal Philosophy Essay + illustration @ 10 points

¾    Type Up Your FOUR Favorite Literary Journals  + illustrations for each @ 5 points each (=20 points) [Select FOUR from your Journal:]

1.      “Act as if what you do makes a difference.” Agree or disagree.

2.      How has Meursault CHANGED? 2 pages in journal, explore, with textual evidence from entire text.

3.        “Myth of Sisyphus”  Journal.  Connect the ideas to Meursault.

4.        Who / What is the Old Man?

5.        You should have FIVE Matrix Journals.

6.        Has Neo's life become more meaningful now that he is awake?

7.        Monomyth Pair Work 

8.        Stranger Than Fiction: What similarities can you find from the film and the other works we have covered? What differences?

9.        Stranger Than Fiction: Trace a theme we've already seen and explore it in 2 pages.

¾    Multi-Genre Essay + illustration @ 10 points + typed up Writer Response intro/after word @ 5 points)

¾    Process Analysis Essay + illustration @ 10 points + typed up Writer Response intro/after word @ 5 points)

¾    OTHER: Post at least ONE other work from this school year from any other class + illustration. This should be work of which you are particularly proud (journal entries, class exercises, poetry, something you wrote for another class, something you wrote on your own, etc.) Try to pick something interesting, creative, and insightful.  This work also needs illustration OR ask me for a list of journal prompts to create a memory book… @ 10 points

¾    Post-Course Reflection + illustration [this will count twice: once as a HW @ 25 points and once in the portfolio @ 10 points]


PLEASE PICK UP PORTFOLIOS DURING TESTING WEEK or they will end up in the trash :-(