Ms. Gokturk

Advanced Composition


Post-Course Reflection Statement:

How I Feel About My Writing Now


Donít cry because you see Advanced Composition coming to a close! Instead, reflect on your hard work and all that you have accomplished. Think about your body of work, your class participation, what the course offered you (or didnít), and how much you will miss it (or not!).


YOUR TASK:Write one page, single spaced statement that describes your attitude and feelings about yourself as a writer now that you have nearly completed this course. This will be the last page of your portfolio. You will hand it in with the whole project.


Use the following questions as guidelines to help you formulate your response into a well-thought out essay, not just a list of responses. You do not need to respond to every question. Or, you might disregard this list and create your own original statements.


        Re-read your pre-course reflection statement. Are you different? Do you think about writing in a different way?Do you feel as though you accomplished something? Did you learn anything new?Are you happy with your progress?Do you have more confidence?

        Analyze your strongest piece of writing. What makes it your best? What did you like most about it? How would you describe the process?

        Analyze your weakest piece of writing. What makes it your weakest piece? What would you like to change? What do you think didnít work? What was your experience as a writer during the process of this piece?

        Consider how you view yourself as a writer (or non-writer) and why now that you have completed a course that focused strictly on the essay.

        Look at how much time it took you to complete assignments at the beginning of the course.Has that changed now with similar assignments?

        Include any information that you feel should be included in reflecting on yourself as a writer, how you write, what you wrote about, etc.

        Did this course help you as a writer? Why or why not?

        Did this course expand your skills as a literary analyst? Why or why not?

        What did you like best about the course?

        What did you like least about the course?

        What suggestions would you give to making this class better, stronger? Please consider helpful suggestions.

        What advice would you give incoming students to this course? Would you recommend that students take this course?

        Please donít limit yourself to these questions if you have other points you would like to address.