Ms Gokturk

Expository Writing




Please complete the following on a separate sheet of paper.


I. INTRODUCTION: Thesis and identification of the subject

A. State the operation to be explained.

B. Give the purpose and significance of the instructions, indicating who uses them, when, where and why.

C. Indicate what the subtext of your piece is in parantheses.


II. BODY: The steps of the process and the development of those steps

A. Step One

1. Explain clearly what is to be done in each individual step and what equipment, materials, etc. used to complete the step.
2. Emphasize the important points of the step and include any cautions about mistakes that may possible be made for this step
3. Include your theory or subtext message underlying this part of the process, if applicable.
Follow these protocols for the remaining steps.

B. Step Two

C. Step Three

D. Step Four, etc.


Usually the last step of the process is the conclusion of the essay. See information to be included below:

A. Completion of the discussion of the last step
B. Summary of the main steps
C. Significance of the process
D. Discussion of other methods to do this process or any feasible shortcuts that could be taken to complete the process