Ms. Gokturk

Expository Writing

Handout #2

Step by Step: Process Analyzed

Read Garrison Keillor's directional essay, "How to Write a Personal Letter" (311). Please answer the following questions.

1. Note how the author structures the essay. What does each paragraph explore?

2. What does the Introduction include? Why?

3. Each Roman numeral represents a paragraph of Keillor's essay. Please complete the outline of the essay below by outlining each paragraph. (In other words, you are deconstructing the essay.)

I - III [Introduction]

The purpose of the essay: letters are better.

Intro explains why:

a- good for shy people

b - letters are sweet gifts.

- make someone happy.

c. We need to write

- otherwise, nobody will know us

IV Topic:

(supporting points)

V - Topic:

(supporting points)


VI The first step is :


VII - Topic:

(supporting points)

VIII - Topic:

(supporting points)

IX - Topic:

(supporting points)

X - Topic:

(supporting points)

XII - Topic:

(supporting points)

XIII - Topic:

(supporting points)

XIV Final Product?


XV - Conclusion:

(supporting points)

XVI - Conclusion: