Ms. Gokturk


The Directional Process Analysis

How To Make a Peanut Butter Sandwich

circa 1988

It is relatively easy to make a peanut butter sandwich if you just follow these simple directions. All you need is peanut butter, two pieces of bread, and a knife.

First you get the bread and peanut out of the cupboard and the knife out of the silver ware drawer. The second thing you do is to put the pieces of bread side by side. Then you open the jar, stick the knife into the jar and bring out a bit of peanut butter. Now spread it on one piece of bread.

Next repeat these last two steps until the peanut butter is spread about one eighth inch thick all over the piece of bread. Then you put the piece of bread with no peanut butter on it and place it on the piece of bread with peanut butter on it.

Next you scrape the excess peanut butter that stuck on the knife on the side of the opening of the peanut butter jar.

Now cut the sandwich in half crosswise with the knife. Then clean the knife or put it in the sink. Put the peanut butter jar back in the cupboard.

Finally eat your peanut butter sandwich.

Now Itís Your Turn!

Write a brief directional process analysis on one of the following: