Ms Gokturk

Expository Writing




1a. What is the process that will be explained in this paper?





1b. What is the underlying, "real" message of your piece? IN other words, what is the subtext?





2. Who is the audience for this paper? (General or Specialized/Specific)





3. What are the items, material, tools, and preparations needed to carry out this process? (Please list them)





4. Are there any special conditions necessary to carry out this process?





5. Are there any terms used in the completion of this process that require explanation or special definition?










6. List the steps and actions involved in this process in the order in which they occur.


What to do
How (and why) to do it
Who would need to know how to do it?

7. Are there any precautions that need to be mentioned? (Crucial steps, possible difficulties, dangers, places where errors are likely to occur, cautions and warnings)