How to Create the Perfect Outfit


            Clothes have been worn since the dawn of civilization. For a long time the clothes that people wore were a sign of their social status. But clothes represent more than social circles. As I say, “Clothes speak louder than words.” An outfit can give you a basic idea of what a person is about and the things they are into before you even say, “Hello.” A person’s appearance leaves a lasting impression, sometimes a bad one. You may not realize it, but when you see a person for the first time and you make your opinion, a lot of what you think is based on what they are wearing. Think about it. If someone were to approach you in a fairly well put together outfit you would be more likely to be more open and genuine in your response to them than if someone came up to you looking like they were just working on the street corner. Everyone loved to look and feel amazing. Follow these steps and you will be able to create the perfect outfit that will look great as well as accentuate your personality.

            Many of you out there look at your clothes every morning and are plagued because you do not know where to begin. It’s simple. They key to the perfect outfit is your mood. This is usually where the first mistake occurs. DO NOT force the issue. Never fear, your clothes are not going anywhere. You can actually wait to wear something and you will still be OK. Everything has to be based on your current mood, not what mood you’ll think you’ll be in. The first step is finding the right shoe to wear. If you own a million pairs of shoes, as I do, then you have some thinking to do, if you don’t there are steps for you later. What you want to do is think about what you have worn in the past few days. Try to stay away from them. It’s a good idea to balance out the use of your shoes. Those of you that own only a few pairs of shoes should tune in now. Once you have narrowed down your selection to a few pairs, think about what you would feel comfortable walking around in all day. This is crucial. If you are in a comfy mood, do not reach for your killer pair of heels, even though they are hot. Instead you should wear a pair of flats, or my personal favorite, sneakers. By choosing a pair of shoes that do not fit your mood, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Forcing the issue will not have you feeling your best. As a result, the outfit isn’t going to radiate as much as it would if you went with the flow. You are not going to have a horrible day because of a pair of shoes, but you will be in a better mood if you are comfortable. Just keep in mind that those killer heels will be there tomorrow should you choose to wear them.

            Since comfort is the key to success, it doesn’t stop at the shoes. The second step is choosing the bottom. I say bottom because the shoe that you have chosen will determine the bottom that you wear, whether that is a skirt, shorts, or pants. Similar themes should be grouped together. If you chose a pair of sneakers, do not put on a fancy skirt. Those two themes do not mix. Now read carefully. The color of the bottom should NOT be the color of your shoes if the color is a very vibrant one such as red, yellow, or royal blue. If you shoes are black or something of the sort, it’s not a problem. You don’t want to overwhelm yourself and others around you, plus it would not do you justice. You could wear the nicest red sneakers, but if you thrown on a pair of red sweatpants, think again. This would not be a wise choice because all of the red in effect cancels out the great detail and hotness of your sneakers because all that is seen is a red mass. Also make a mental note that blue jeans do not count as a blue in your outfit. This is a common misconception that often presents itself to me. Denim matches everything, although a particular tint of denim can accent your outfit more than others. Keeping the balance of color in mind, don’t forget to think about your comfort level. Now that you have chosen your bottom and shoes you can breathe a sigh of relief because that hard part is over.

            You have not established you comfort level and the theme of your outfit up to this point and you should start thinking about the top. This should be easy because the color and theme have been limited, so your selection of tops should be significantly less. The color of the top has the most flexibility. There are a few options that you could use that will give you different results. You could go for a top that has the predominant color of your shoes. This would result with a focal color standing out and has the greatest potential to become a “WOW” outfit when paired with the right accessories.  You could go for a top that matches the accent color of you shoes. You could also go with a simple neutral top like black or white as long as it looks decent. While the color of the top is crucial with the shoes, you cannot forget the theme of your bottom. You should be feeling pretty good about your outfit so far and it will only get better.

            Accessorize! This should be the most fun for you. The littlest accessories can make your outfit look that much more amazing. Be careful not to have anyone color take over. The key to this step is choosing the right accessories that will bring out the accent colors as well as make the principle colors stand out. In this step you also start from the bottom and work your way to the top. If the bottom you chose allows you ankle to be seen you can (if you have) sport a pair of socks that match the accent color or if the theme is more fancy, wear a nice piece of jewelry like an anklet. If your ankles can not be seen feel free to skip this part. Next move up to your bottom, if there is anything that can be worn on the bottom and it looks great, wear it. Some things that can be worn are belts, scarves, even a wrap-around sweater. For you wrists and neck, you can put on any bracelets that you normally wear (as long as they look good with your outfit) as well as ones that match your outfit. Keep in mind that you do not have to wear every stitch of jewelry you own. Finally, your hair, I know you have those days when you wonder, “What am I going to do with it?” It is OK; there are a couple of things that can be down. If your hair is not cooperating then your best bet would be to wear it up. If it is up you can wear a headband, sweatband, bandana, or a colored hair tie that matches the principle color or you can choose to wear nothing. If your hair is down you can also wear a headband, folded bandana, or a hat that also matches the principle color or nothing is fine as well. You accessories should be the icing on top of the cake. They should only add not take away from your outfit.

            Smile! You have just created the perfect outfit. You should feel great once you put the final component of your outfit on, even if your outfit is simple. You can and should use these guidelines every time you want to look your best. Remember these guidelines can be used to create an outfit for any occasion. Just think about how much better you will feel when you begin to dress according to your mood. That extra positive energy will radiate off of you and people will pick up on it. Pretty soon everyone will want to know the secret to creating the perfect outfit.