Interpretive / Descriptive Words

To Explain the Effects of the Creative Use of Language



Students find it easier to write about the how of language when they learn this kind of vocabulary.


        suggests                                          accentuates

        indicates                                         projects

        clarifies                                          highlights

        displays                                          softens

        presents                                          stresses

        portrays                                         relates

        represents                                      insinuates

        enables                                           evokes

        mirrors                                           illuminates

        echoes                                             exaggerates

        reflects                                            sheds light on

        enhances                                         defines

emphasizes                                     mimics

creates emphasis                           characterizes

amplifies                                         justifies

illustrates                                       conveys

acknowledges                                 points to

elicits                                              embodies

implies                                            epitomizes

simplifies                                        exemplifies

intensifies                                       demonstrates

personifies                                      symbolizes

stands for                                       delineates

renders                                           expands

increases                                        reveals