Ms. Gokturk

Advanced Composition


The Stranger Group Work:  Chapters 1-3


In the first three chapters, the author gives us insight into Meursault’s world and character. Review the first three chapters with your group to answer the following questions. You should discuss the questions with your group, but each of you should write responses in your journal.  In some/many cases, you will have more than one example and all your analysis should be well developed and strive to go beyond the obvious.


Observation or Assertion + textual evidence/direct quote + analysis: how does the evidence support your observation? 


The analysis is the MOST IMPORTANT PART.  Make it smart and detailed.



A) Describe the following people and Meursault’s relationship with each: his boss, Marie, Raymond, Mother, and Salamano.  Use text-based evidence/quotes with page numbers to support your conclusions. What do these relationships reveal about Meursault?



What gives Meursault pleasure? Find at least three things that seem to make him content and he does to pass the time. Find text-based evidence (TBE) with page numbers to support your conclusions for each. In other words, how often and when does he engage in these activities?



What things does Meursault seem not to like? Find the people or things or situations that seem to make him uncomfortable. Find text-based evidence (TBE) with page numbers to support your conclusions.



How is the setting important?  Examine the different areas Meursault has been in these chapters and explore his reaction or comfort level in each.  What does this reveal?



Meursault’s reactions and behaviors are not always what either we expect or like those around him.  How is he different? 



What does one’s company reveal about one? As the old saying goes, “You are the company you keep.” Examine not only the characters with whom Meursault spends time and what the “pay off” is, but also consider what each of those characters receives from Meursault in return.



Meursault may be interpreted to be paranoid at times. Find evidence of his paranoia in the first three chapters. Find text-based evidence (TBE) with page numbers to support your conclusions.


1 : a psychosis characterized by systematized delusions of persecution or grandeur usually without hallucinations
2 : a tendency on the part of an individual or group toward excessive or irrational suspiciousness and distrustfulness of others