Ms. Gokturk

Advanced Composition


Group Activity: Chapter 1 The Stranger


Please work with your group to answer the following in your notebook, clearly labeled. Use direct quotes (with page numbers) in your responses and be sure to explain HOW the evidence supports your assertions/observations. We will chare our responses and put all the responses in our notes.




  1. What are Meursaultís feelings about his mother? Consider how they lived together, why she is in a home, and his reaction to her death. How does his behavior differ from what society expects? Find evidence.
  2. How does Meursaultís relationship with his mother and his actions after her death reveal who he is? In other words, how do you describe him?
  3. Did you read the directions?



  1. What is Meursaultís relationship to light, heat, and the sun? Find the references and imagery connected to light, heat, and sunshine. For each, show how Meursault reacts. In what ways does he respond? What pattern do you see?
  2. What does this tell us about Meursault? In other words, what do you think Camus is trying to show us?
  3. Did you read the directions?



  1. Meursault does speak with other characters in the novel. How does he interactwith and/or view his boss, the people at the cafť the caretaker of the home, Mr. Perez, and the old people at the home?
  2. What do Meursaultís relationships and interactions with the people around him reveal about him? In other words, what does his interaction with each person illustrate about his character (or the kind of person he is)? Find text-based evidence to support your point.
  3. Did you read the directions?



  1. How does Meursault defy expectations? In other words, how does his behavior or point of view differ from what we would expect? Review how Meursault reacts: to his motherís death, at the vigil, at the funeral, how he discusses her death with others.
  2. Is Meursault the kind of person with whom you would want to be friends? Why or why not?
  3. Did you read the directions?