Ms. Gokturk

Listening and Writing Task

Expository Writing



This is an adaptation of Regents Task I, where you would hear a speech read to you TWICE, take notes, and write a persuasive essay.


Overview: Watch and listen to the film, Supersize Me, a Morgan Spurlock documentary about Americans’ dangerous relationship with fast food. As you watch the film, take notes to help you write the assignment.


TIP: It is imperative that you take notes during the Regents. Therefore, be sure to take notes that will help support your essay.


The Situation: McDonald’s plans to open a restaurant  on upper Main Street, near the school, but it must first get town hall to approve its construction. After watching Supersize Me, you have decided to write to the town hall to persuade them to deny this fast food restaurant to open in Port Washington based on the health risks it poses.


The purpose of your letter is to persuade readers to support your opinion.  Use the points made in the film and relevant information from the documentary to write your letter.


YOUR TASK: Write a five paragraph letter to in which you persuade town hall to deny McDonalds the permit to establish a restaurant near the school. Write only the body of the letter.


TIP: Look for THREE main points you can use to persuade and flesh those out in your essay.




Be sure to


Ø      Tell your audience what they need to know to help them understand that another fast food restaurant such as McDonald’s should not be established near the school.

Ø      Listen carefully to the points raised in the article and use those to drive your argument.

Ø      Use specific, accurate, and relevant information from the documentary to help support the points you make in your argument.

Ø      Use a tone and level of language appropriate for a letter to town hall.

Ø      Organize your ideas in a logical and coherent manner. 

Ø      Indicate any words taken directly from the film by using quotation marks or referring to the speaker.

Ø      Follow the conventions of standard written English.