Ms. Gokturk

Listening and Writing Task

Expository Writing

In-Class Essay Test


Overview: Listen to a speech about one studentís experience with dyslexia. You will hear the speech twice. Take notes on the speech to help you write the assignment. (You will not read the speech.)

The Situation: In order to increase tolerance and understanding at Schreiber, a number of students have been asked to speak to the school about their personal experiences with difficulty. Because of the constant pressure at Schreiber to excel, you understand that new tolerance must be fostered. You have decided to write a letter to the teachers of Schreiber. The purpose of your letter is to persuade teachers to practice more understanding and find alternative methods to deal with dyslexia. In preparation for writing your letter, listen to a "speech" by David Raymond, a high school junior with dyslexia. Then use relevant information from his personal experience to write your letter.

YOUR TASK: Write a letter to Schreiber teachers in which you persuade them to re-examine how they treat students with dyslexia. Write only the body of the letter.


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