Ms. Gokturk Name: ______________________________

Advanced Composition


Writerís Response


Title or brief description of piece: _____________________________________________


Please complete the writer response with effort. It is worth up to 10 points and serves as a reflection in your portfolio. You will hand in the packet made up of the following items, in this order:


writer response, final draft, all peer edits, 1 rough draft, self-assessed rubric


1.      Briefly comment on the process of writing this piece by thinking about what you wrote. Why did you choose this subject? What were you trying to convey? Are you pleased with the outcome?










2.      Now think about how you wrote. Describe the process of writing this piece. What was easy, difficult? How well do you think you accomplished what you set out to do, especially considering another readerís comments?














3.      Do you feel as though this piece is complete, or do you feel you need more time working with it? What you might do differently? Explain.