Ice Cream Birthday Cakes at Ms. G's House :)

All the cakes were made by me and all are ice cream except the Monkey, Cannoli and the Shark cake :)

The Monkey Cake: Animal Party

This was my frist "character cake. I swiped the idea from Martha Stewart.

Egg Cake: Animals from Eggs Theme

I actually froze a large dinosaur toy in the egg which was "born" as we hacked into it. Ew, right?

Lollipop Cake: Lollipop Garden Party

I even a made a soundtrack for this party. There were balloons all over the yard on sticks.

The Shark Cake

My 3 year old said the one year old wanted a shark cake. Okay, then! The cake was red velvet, so when we hacked into this one, it looked like blood and gore. Yummy, right? I posted this cake on Coolest Birthday Cakes, too.

Shaun the Sheep Cake

My son went through a Shaun the Sheep phase. Excuse the leaves on the floor, lol.

Under the Sea Cake

Also had a soundtrack for this one...

Cannoli Cake

I made this for my husband's birthday. It is sooooo good.

Carnival Cake

For my son's 5th birthday, we threw a carnival and bouncy castle party. This photo shows the cake in progress. I put all those chocolates in primary volors on it, too.

Bird Day Cake

My daighter wanted a bird themed birthday party for her 8th, so we hired Volunteers for Wildlife to do a birds of prey talk. Here's the cake. Chocolate covered pretzels make the branches, Cadbury eggs, chocolate candy leaves, edible butterflies (sugar paper ones I found online). Everything is edible except the bird.