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Class Guidelines


Welcome!  I am excited to start a new semester with you!


Participation / Preparedness  /  Class Climate Issues

I expect everyone to be kind, respectful, try their best and have a positive attitude. 


Attendance and punctuality do figure in your average!  You need to be present to learn and participate.  Being prepared, taking notes, listening, etc. are all part of the grade. In other words, it’s not just a paper shuffle. every night before class. Make it a habit so you won’t have any surprises. I update it every day. 


You will be given a one or more class participation grades per MP.  A = attentive, respectful, no cell phone use, enthusiastic and consistent participation; B = mostly attentive, respectful, no cell phone use, participates often; C = may be somewhat inattentive, may use cell phone during class,  rare participation; D = may not be attentive or respectful, may use cell phone during class,  present but virtually no participation; F = frequently absent and/or disruptive and/or sleeping.


Plagiarism Policy:  Plagiarism is taking the words or ideas of someone else and presenting them as your own.  This will not be tolerated. Copying HW from a peer, copying Internet sources, or any other form of plagiarism will result in an immediate zero for the assignment in question.  Repeated plagiarism will be met with more serious penalties.  The first offence will result in a zero for the assignment; your parents and grade administrator will be contacted.  The second offence (in this class or another) will result in the same consequences, plus (as per The Student Handbook) you may fail the course. In addition, eligibility for the Honors Society or AP English may be damaged.  Plagiarism is contra-education.



You can expect many reading quizzes in my class. Reading quizzes are designed to gage if completed the required reading as well as how well you read.  You will have a reading quiz at the START of class; latecomers are not guaranteed a make up quiz.  Questions are generally worth 5 points. You cannot pass my quizzes by reading online summaries.  You have THREE days to make up a quiz if you were absent. See the absence policy.


Long Term Assignments: Projects / Tests / Essays

Late projects lose points and may not be accepted after two weeks of due date. Projects are generally are worth 100-200 points. They are submitted to Extra credit is given to students who utilize the Writing Center.  Be sure to have your first draft signed with a time in and time out; hand in this draft with other materials requested.  There should be clear revisions for extra credit.  Also, write summary of your experience and how/if it helped your writing.


Short Term Assignments: Homework / Classwork

Unless otherwise notes, HW and CW is worth 10 points.  + (9-10 pts), (7-8 pts), - (5-6 pts), inc (1-4). HW is due the class session after it was assigned unless otherwise noted. It is collected at the START of class.  It is not to be completed during class.  It’s never okay to copy a friend’s work. Late homework will either not be accepted or will lose points. Late is any time after I collect it at the start of  class. Homework required for that day’s lesson (i.e., reading, study guides, etc.) will NOT be accepted late unless you were absent.

Homework that is an extension of the day’s lesson may be accepted late but at a one grade loss penalty and will NOT be accepted beyond three days.


Employ ACTIVE READING strategies.  Don’t read in bed or while multi-tasking.  Take “column notes” or purchase your own copy of the novel to annotate.



At all costs, avoid being absent on important days such as peer edit days and due dates.  If you must be absent on a peer day, it is expected that you email a copy of your draft to me by the time your class meets so that it can be peer edited. 


“I was absent that day”  is not an excuse. Class continued and work was completed and discussion was had.  You are still responsible for work, quizzes, and notes. Make up the work. Yes, even group work is counted.  I may assign you part of an assignment [see door folder or website].


Make up quizzes need not be scheduled.  They are in a folder on my desk in the English Office labeled “Make Up Quizzes.”   If I am not there, you follow the honor system and take the quiz at my desk. NO CELL PHONE USE WHATSOEVER IS PERMITTED. You have THREE days to make up a quiz or it gets entered as a 0.


Check (or; I update the site daily.  I will not accept that you forgot to check it.  Check the door folder for handouts. Contact a friend, too! Keep up to date with the readings, assignments, etc. You are a young adult.  Unless there is an extreme illness or other serious problem, you can and are expected to use my site to keep up to date.  Do NOT expect one-on-one instructional time during class time. “I was absent yesterday, did I miss anything?” Don’t be that kid.


The Cell Phone Intervention Program

This is a cell phone free zone, please.  Zero Tolerance.  Cell phones should never be seen or heard.  Cell phones must be put away. Using cell phones during class does not create a learning environment. Your job is to contribute to a learning environment.Using cell phones during class can cause  questions about your integrity.  Never use a cell phone during or after a quiz. NOT EVEN AFTER.Texting during class is rude and distracting. Period. Don’t do it. Using cell phones during a quiz will result in a zero. Using a cell phone during class hurts your participation grade.



You will receive FIVE out-of-room passes (ORPs) per marking period. These are EXTRA points, or, out of zero. You use them by leaving the room.  I sign you out for that date [you have approximately 5 minutes to attend to your business whatever that is]. Being late [arriving to class after the bell rings] will lose you an ORP as well as earn time in the tank, so be on time! Cutting will automatically lose all ORPs. Students who do not meet the 85% rule will lose ORPs.


Late: Late is arriving any time AFTER the bell rings.   Three “Lates” = one hour in the tank. Each “Late” loses you an ORP.



You will need to set up a account.  The class ID and password are on your course description.  Please register with an email you check daily/frequently.  While I do not send email frequently, when I do, it is usually important (reminders, class cancellations, etc.).



If I give you access to Engrade, please understand the following:

1.      I do not update the accounts frequently.

2.      Do not email me with questions about grades.  Always discuss any concerns in person during my office hours.

3.      Once assignments have been graded/returned/updated, you may not make up the work.

4.      Grades are fluid and change as more assignments are entered. You should not obsess about your grade.  If you focus on your education, the grade will follow.



Please do not rely on instantaneous replies from me.  I have two small children and am not glued to a computer.  Also, please do not use email as a place for extra help or to discuss a grade. If you need help, please see me!  If you aren’t sure why you have a grade, ask me in person! Wondering about letters of recommendation? Never through email.  Eye to eye is best J  And, worst offense, please do not grade grub, beg or threaten through email!


Extra Help

Please do not wait until it’s too late!  The Writing Center is in room 212 and is open daily  (4-1 and 4-2).  Use it for help with any part of the writing process.


See me for extra help during 4-2 ( bring your lunch!), before school ( I arrive at school by 7:30), or by appointment.  Please do not rely on email for extra help.


I look forward to this semester with you. Let’s have a great semester!