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Antigone…. After the Play….


  1. How do you feel about what happens at the end of the play? Explain.







  1. Is Creon a villain? Explain. Think about Creon’s judgment of himself at the end of the play, how Haemon and Eurydice feel about Creon at the moment of death, Creon’s attempt to rescue Antigone from the vault, and whether someone can be held accountable for another’s death.








  1. What do you think is the main reason that Creon and Antigone cannot resolve their conflict? Think about what Polyneices means to each character, each character’s view of what is right, and the attitude each has towards the gods.









  1. Who do you think suffers the most in this play and why?








  1. What messages can Sophocles’ play offer for people today? What is relevant to people today? Explain. Think about Antigone’s devotion to Polyneices, Creon’s way of ruling, Creon’s loss of son and wife, and any other issue that you think is important to a modern audience.








  1. Is Antigone a hero or a fool? Explain. Speak to the themes of rebellion vs. conformity and foolishness vs. caution. Analyze Antigone through these perspectives. Which is most appropriate in defining her actions?