Antigone Journal Prompts: The Answerer

100 points


Please react to the play through the same lens you used for your personal responses. Use direct quotes/evidence. Each reaction should also compare/contrast to your personal reaction. Imagine what the character is feeling.


  1. To Defy or Not To Defy? Why does Antigone feel compelled to defy her uncle?
  2. Stand Up. Describe how Antigone must stand up and why this is not the easiest choice.
  3. Bow Down. Describe how Ismene is frustrated because she can not help Antigone.
  4. Morals. Who is the most morally correct in the play? Explain.
  5. Prove Your Love. Choose one character in the play and show how he/she proves his/her love (Antigone, Haemon, Ismene, Creon, and Eurydice).
  6. Total Sacrifice. Choose a character (Antigone, Haemon, Ismene, Creon, and Eurydice). How does this character sacrifice for a loved one? Does he or she do the right thing?
  7. Respects. Compare and contrast what Haemon says about the peopleís opinion about Antigoneís actions. How do they feel? Does it echo your thoughts/
  8. Suicide. Is suicide in this play justified? Explain.
  9. Apologies. Describe how Antigone or Creonís behavior could have been different with an apology.
  10. Fate vs. Free Will. Are the characters doomed by their circumstances or their choices?
  11. Sibling Rivalry. Describe how sibling rivalry causes problems in the play.
  12. Youíre So Mean. Describe a scene where a character is mean and makes another feel terrible. How does this compare to what you wrote about?
  13. Rebel? Talk about the rebels in the play. Please give examples.
  14. Adultís POV. How do adults see Antigone and Haemon? Do you think this is an accurate picture? Explain.
  15. Conformity. To what things do characters conform in the play? Why?
  16. No Parents. DO you think Antigone and Ismene may have behaved differently if they still had parents?
  17. Conscience vs. Society Show how a character chooses conscience over the expected societal behavior. How does this character compare to your situation?
  18. Difficult Decision. Describe a difficult decision a character makes (besides the obvious one. What was the outcome?
  19. Outcast. Is there a character who is an outcast? When and why?
  20. Hubris. Describe how pride causes the most problems in the play.
  21. Hasty Decisions. What role do hasty decisions make in making this a tragedy?