Ms. Gokturk


Catcher in the Rye: Holden’s Side vs. Other Perspectives


Holden tells us his story in Catcher in the Rye. He also flat out tells us he’s the biggest liar in the world, the “most terrific liar.” How do you suppose others in the narrative view him?


YOUR TASK: Your job is to write a 1st person narrative from the perspective of ONE of the characters listed below.  Use the prose dialogue format (not play writing), include descriptions of action and setting, and “inner thoughts” of your character, just as Holden gives us his. Your 1st person narrative should include the thoughts of your character as they interact with Holden.  Include the core elements of the exchange between Holden and the character. Use the novel as the loose truth. 


Select one of the following dialogues to re-write from the other’s perspective…. Reread the scene and imagine what she or he might be thinking. Be sure to describe Holden’s appearance and behavior.


Mrs. Morrow (54-58)


“Three Witches” Bernice Krebs (70-75)


Horwitz (81-83)


Sunny (93-98)


Sally Hayes (124-133) & (150-151)


                        Carl Luce (142-149)


*In your narrative, keep the essence of what Holden says, but remember that people remember and perceive things differently. We also tend to go into self-preservation mode (i.e., “I am right.”), so it is likely that Carl and Sally will feel “right” or justified in his/her actions, interpretation, and reaction.