Ms. Gokturk


Vocabulary for Catcher in the Rye


Chapters 1-5

Ostracize - to exclude from a group by common consent

Grippe - an acute febrile contagious virus disease; especially: INFLUENZA

Posture - a conscious mental or outward behavioral attitude

Crude - marked by the primitive, gross, or by uncultivated simplicity or vulgarity


Ironical - relating to, containing, or constituting irony [the use of words to express something other than and especially the opposite of the literal meaning, a usually humorous or sardonic literary style]

Qualm - a sudden access of usually disturbing emotion (as doubt or fear)

Innumerable - too many to be numbered : COUNTLESS; also : very many

Moron - a very stupid person

Putrid - rotten

Hemorrhage - a copious discharge of blood from the blood vessels

Rostrum - an ancient Roman platform for public orators

Chiffonier - a high narrow chest of drawers

Falsetto - an artificially high voice

Conceited - having an excessively high opinion of oneself

Aggravate - to make worse, more serious, or more severe

Muffler - a scarf worn around the neck

Monotonous - tediously uniform or unvarying

Halitosis - a condition of having fetid breath


Chapters 6-10

Linoleum - a floor covering made by laying on a burlap

Hospitality- hospitable treatment, reception, or disposition Bottom of Form


Fiend - a person of great wickedness or maliciousness

Corridor - a usually narrow passageway or route

Canasta – a card game,  a form of rummy using two full decks

Incognito - with one's identity concealed

Brassiere - a woman's undergarment to cover and support the breasts

Burlesque - theatrical entertainment of a broadly humorous often earthy character consisting of short turns, comic skits, and sometimes striptease acts

Psychic - lying outside the sphere of physical science or knowledge : immaterial, moral, or spiritual in origin or force

Brassy - being shamelessly bold

Intoxicate - to excite or stupefy by alcohol or a drug especially to the point where physical and mental control is markedly diminished

Verification - the act or process of verifying, making sure of correctedness

jitterbug - a jazz variation of the two-step in which couples swing, balance, and twirl in standardized patterns and often with vigorous acrobatics


Chapters 11-15:

Snub - to treat with contempt or neglect

Necking - to kiss and caress amorously

Newsreel - a short movie dealing with current events

Rile - to make agitated and angry

Galoshes - a high overshoe worn especially in snow and slush

Nonchalant - having an air of easy unconcern or indifference

Rake - to censure/ reprimand Bottom of Form


Frock - a woman's dress or outer garment worn by monkBottom of Form


Atheist - one who denies the existence of God

Chisel - to employ shrewd or unfair practices on in order to obtain one's end

Banister - handrail with its supporting posts

Rubberneck - an overly inquisitive person

Matinee - a musical or dramatic performance or social or public event held in the daytime and especially the afternoon

Bottom of Form

Bourgeois - of, relating to, or characteristic of the social middle class; often marked by a concern for material interests and respectability and a tendency toward mediocrity

Convent  - a local community or house of a religious order or congregation; especially : an establishment of nuns

Bottom of Form


Chapters 16-20:

Screech - a high shrill piercing cry usually expressing pain or terror

Bosom - the human chest and especially the front part of the chest


Clinch - to make final or irrefutable : SETTLE

Blasé - apathetic to pleasure or excitement as a result of excessive indulgence or enjoyment , UNCONCERNED

Enlightening - to furnish knowledge to : INSTRUCT

Sacrilegious - gross irreverence toward a hallowed person, place, or thing

Louse – singular of lice and a contemptible person

Flitty – someone or something that passes quickly or abruptly from one place or condition to another

Boisterous - noisily turbulent : ROWDY

Stagger - to reel from side to side : TOTTER


Chapters 21-26:

Racket - confused clattering noise : CLAMOR; also a fraudulent scheme

Spontaneous - arising from a momentary impulse

Digression - a going aside

Pedagogical - of, relating to, or befitting a teacher or education

Provocative - serving or tending to provoke , excite, or stimulate

Pervert - to cause to turn aside or away from what is good or true or morally right : CORRUPT

Moccasin - a soft leather heelless shoe

Cockeyed - ASKEW, AWRY b : slightly crazy

Carrousel - MERRY-GO-ROUND

Bawl - to cry out loudly and unrestrainedly