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Ms. Gokturk/Composition


The Dead Poetís Society DAY ONE

Please answer the questions each evening after viewing the film.† If you are absent, it is your responsibility to see Ms. Biscaro (AV lady) in the library to schedule viewings.



  1. Watch the opening scenes of the film carefully.† List FIVE things we learn (setting, conflict, theme, etc.):





  1. Write descriptive words that will help you remember the following characters:
    1. Neil Perry


    1. Todd Anderson


    1. Mr. John Keating


    1. Knox Overstreet


    1. Charlie Dalton


    1. Cameron


    1. Pitts


    1. Meeks


    1. Kris


    1. Chet


  1. Define Carpe Diem as you understand it.




  1. Find 3-5 examples of rebellion and 3-5 examples of conformity in this segment of the film.






  1. Is Keating a good teacher? Give three reasons he is and three reasons he isnít.