Ms. Gokturk

The Simpsons: Lord of the Flies


Please discuss your responses with your partner. Take turns writing the responses. This will count as a quiz grade. Answer with thought, effort, and thoroughness. Please answer on a separate sheet of paper.


1. There are several subplots taking place in this Simpsons episode. Reflect on Golding’s themes. For each, what is the significance? What idea is being reinforced or revealed?

a. Why does the show begin with the story of Noah and the news reporter’s account of the modern Noah?

b. What is the significance of the children’s U.N.?

c. What is the purpose of Homer’s Internet business? In other words, why is it included in this episode? What idea is being reinforced or revealed?


2. For each of the characters listed, explain who the Simpsons’ equivalent is and how this character is similar and different from the novel:


Simpsons character/s

Same as LOF

Different from LOF





























3. How is the “monster” introduced? How is different from the “Beastie” in Lord of the Flies?


4. What is Lisa’s role?


5. Has Matt Groenig, the creator of The Simpsons, presented similar themes as Golding? Explain your response.