Ms. Gokturk


Preliminary Preparation for Your Mock Trial Role:

The People vs. Jack Merridew

Is Jack Responsible for the Deaths on the Island?


Please complete the following for HW. You must have your work digitally (on a floppy, by email, on a CD; it’s a good idea to back yourself up and use two methods, just in case…). 


TASK II: Remember, all roles are responsible expected to dress the part on the day of the trial and remain in character. In addition, all positions include an essay of approximately 1000 words, which are underlined and bolded below for your viewing pleasure. Each role will have a portfolio grade and a presentation grade.


§         Judge: Study the legal terms provided. It will be your job to be familiar with them to respond to the lawyers. Prepare a T chart of evidence to prepare for your final essay: one column should contain evidence that supports that Jack is innocent, the other that he is guilty. Go through the novel and compile TBE with page numbers. [This is in preparation of the Justification of Verdict (w/ TBE)]

§         Prosecution Lawyers: Compile evidence that proves Jack is GUILTY/RESPONSIBLE. Create a thesis and begin your Opening or Closing Statement (w/ TBE)  &  List of Questions  for each witness.

§         Defense Lawyers: Compile evidence that proves Jack is NOT GUILTY/RESPONSIBLE. Create a thesis and begin your Opening or Closing Statement (w/ TBE)  &  List of Questions  for each witness.

§         Juror: Become a character from the time period and write a 500 word sketch that describes who you are. Please be sure that both the prosecution and defense have approved you. You should probably start compiling evidence w/ page numbers for your Post-Trial Reflection, an essay that will illustrate why you voted guilty or not guilty (w/ TBE).

§         Primary Witnesses/Characters: Depending on your role, begin making a list of TBE about yourself from the novel. Be as thorough as possible. You may want to start your essay. Create a thesis about yourself, how your character helps develop the themes of the novel.  You will need to discuss the other three main characters and sometimes minor characters as well.

§         Sketch Artist: Compile a list of IMAGERY w/ page numbers from the novel. Begin your essay: create thesis that develops a controlling idea on how the imagery and setting is used to develop the themes of the novel. You will certainly have to make mention of the characters. Begin a sketch of a scene from the novel.

§         Journalist(s): Write at least one of your stories: either a  news, feature, and an editorial, all with TBE. [See MS. G about the different styles of writing.] This story should cover the events from the moment of rescue to the beginning of the trial preparations. Interview the novel and classmates; you may embellish quotes as long as they stay within character.

§         Documentary Video/Radio Producer(s): Get written parental permission to bring and use equipment in school. You will be responsible for its safety. Begin compiling TBE from the novel w/ page numbers that will support an anthropologist’s perspective. This will drive your film. Write up a one page, single spaced proposal (in paragraphs) that illustrates your thesis and goals with the project. You are an anthropologist! Then, begin your thesis and begin your essay once you have TBE.