Teacher: Valerie Gokturk

"The Newer America"

By Composition 3 Class

We are a democracy,

But are we free?

My country what is thee?

What happened to liberty?

No more can I sing,

Land where a city died,

But we will still keep our pride.

From every skyscraper’s side,

To the tourist guides.

My country lacks of these:

Safety and Security.

To me you bring

A lack of pride

Millions of men died.

My country, ‘tis of thee,

Now a land of unity.

Justice we will bring;

We will no longer divide,

We are now unified,

We will retain our pride.

Let freedom ring!

"The Newer America"

By Composition 18 Class

My devastated country, thee,

Land of no safety.

Our people died,

We hear your celebration

Disagreement of our nations,

It echoes in our hearts,

It will always be a part of us.

My country, home to me,

Land where we should be free.

What do I see?

Land where our innocents die,

Land where our children cry,

Nothing is the same to me.

How can this be?

The planes crashed,

The buildings collapsed,

All the Hate

Spread throughout the Nation

While more deaths were in creation.

Families Feared

All the many deaths that they hear.

"The Newer America"

By Lucas Shum

(Anger and Fears)

Our country’s misery,

Land of insecurity,

Should to thee I sing?

Place where the planes rumble,

Land where great floors crumble,

My heart, with gloomy fears

Let our heart stand now.


My native country, thee

Is it still noble free?

Thy name, I loved.

I loved thy rocks and rills,

Thy wood and templed hills,

My heart had been in rapture thrills,

Like that above.


The crashes shoot the breeze,

Dirt fell on our society,

Should we still sing?

Lord, make all of the world to see

That man should brothers be,

Rather than destroy itself.

Were we wrong in that?


This day in history,

Marks an uncertainty

On our country thee,

Come, fellow Americans,

Help us to hold to the most important

Like liberty, justice, and moderation,

On the land of the free.

"The Newer America"

By Composition 8 Class

My country ‘tis of thee,

Shell-shocked by tragedy.

Where have we gone?

We traveled across the sea,

So we could buy one, get one free,

From every smog-choked tree,

Let Taco Bells ring.

My country it’s of thee,

Land of potential Liberty

Where the telephone rings,

Land where Columbine children die,

Land where terrorists have pride,

Where there is no king.

My country’s crippled plea,

Sweet land of diversity,

As I see on TV,

Land where thousands died,

Land where we keep our pride.

The pain smelled through the breeze,

Debris in all the trees,

Sweet families’ loss.

Broadcast in all the schools,

We will not be taken as fools,

The US must be strong,

We won’t be down for long.

But my country in the 21st century

Is a place of prosperity,

Of thee I sing.

Land where the World Trade fell and people died,

From every city they cried,

Land of American Pride.

Let peace spring.