Ms. Gokturk


The Short Story Project: Authorís Comment

In order for an author (you) to express an opinion (AUTHORíS COMMENT), s/he creates a CHARACTER with certain EARLY TRAITS and puts him/her in a particular SETTING with other characters. The author has the character go through experiences (PLOT) that create an internal CONFLICT, followed by other experiences (PLOT) that RESOLVE the CONFLICT.

AS a result, the character goes through CHANGES (positive or negatives), and the character learns things that affect his/her view of himself and the world. The AUTHORíS COMMENT is expressed through what the character experiences, how he changes, and what he learns (or doesnít).

1. SETTING : What is the setting for your story?




2. EARLY TRAITS: What are the early traits of your main character? What incidents in your PLOT will highlight these traits?





3. CONFLICT: What is the main conflict? _________ wants _________ BUT ___________. Do any other characters influence your character? How? Or, why not?




4. RESOLUTION: How is the PLOTíS conflict resolved? Who/what influences this resolution and/or makes it happen?




5. CHANGES: How do changes in the character come about? What influences this?





6. What are trying to say to your readers? What is your PURPOSE?