Ms. Gokturk



Compare and Contrast “The Last Flower,” “The Garden of Earthly Delights,” and “Adam and No Eve” Group Work


Select TWO works from above to compare and contrast. Identify a discussion point to analyze the pieces.  Then, for each, identify the points below to explore how each author/artist explores that point. Create a graphic organizer (chart, Venn, image map, etc.)  to compare/contrast the works.  

1.      Find a discussion point that ties two of the pieces together.  Write 1-2 clear sentences to serves as the title/focal point. Include the titles and authors/artist.

For each work, identify and support each of the following (not necessarily in this order):

2.      THEME: explain how the author’s message relates to your discussion point.

3.      MOTIF/S: What motifs can you identify in the works that help develop your discussion point and the author’s theme? Identify and explain.

4.      PASSAGE ANALYSIS: Write out a quote/passage to analyze as it supports your discussion point. (For the painting, pinpoint an image from the work—describe and explain.)

5.      SYMBOL: Find concrete objects in both works. Discuss how each symbol in each work supports to your discussion point.