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Delicatessen Cheat Sheet (1991)

This French black comedy is set in the not so distant dystopian future in a  run-down apartment building.  The landlord, Clapet, runs the butcher shop on the ground floor, and he keeps his tenants supplied with meat by feeding them the applicants for building superintendent; however, his daughter, Julie, keeps falling in love with them. Louison, the newest applicant, is different, and she wants to save him. Cannibalism serves as a potent metaphor for social oppression in DELICATESSEN, the darkly stylish feature debut by French animators Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro.


Character List (circle the one you are assigned):  

Stanely Louison: The new handyman who used to be a circus clown

Julie Clapet: The butcher’s daughter who falls in love with Louison

Butcher Clapet: The landlord and butcher

Mailman: A crazy man who also loves Julie

Plusse: The pretty woman who has a sexual relationship with Clapet

Aurore Interligator and Georges Interligator: Rich couple; she is always trying to commit suicide

Roger Kube and Robert Kube:  Two brothers who make moo toys. Robert (the balder one with the striking combover) loves Aurore and Roger (the one with more hair) tries to drive her crazy

The Tapioca Family: poor family – mother, father, two kids and a grandmother

Frog Man: Guy who lives in his flooded basement with snails and frogs

Trogolos: Guys who live in sewers who form an underground army [Trogolodyte= cave dweller]         



Characters go on “journeys” through narratives. Sometimes they change (dynamic) or sometimes they stay the same (static). Why? What does the author want you to consider? What changes, if any, have occurred and why? This film, a “cozy catastrophe,” is comprised of a band of characters who each find a way to fulfill their needs in the face of Absurdity. After the film, on large paper, you will create a Journey Map for this character, connecting him or her to themes within the film and to the course. Also consider the literary aspects of the film as well film techniques.


YOUR TASK: Pay close attention to your character as the film progresses. While viewing, TAKE NOTES.


Write down revealing quotes said by your character or about your character.

















How do the others interact and treat him or her?


What is his or her position in the hierarchy of the story? Class? Power?













What are his or his intentions?


How does he or she cope with the end of the world? What is his or her mindset or philosophy?












What does the character do to pass time?


What does he or she consume and why?












What symbols can you associate with this character? Why?


Viewing this film through an Absurd lens, comment on your character’s purpose.











What choices does this character make that defines him or her?