Peer Editing Guidelines


Your goal today is to offer helpful feedback to your peers! Help them make their writing even better.


ü What positives can you offer about the piece?

ü Does the piece give you a sense of theme? Do you know the author’s intent? What are you left thinking about?

ü Is the main character believable?

ü Is the setting clear?

ü Is there a clear conflict?

ü Is there vivid description? Has the writer shown you an alternative world? Or do you feel like you are being told?

ü Does the dialogue help move the story?

ü Are there any parts that seem too long, distracting, or too much telling rather than showing?

ü Is the formatting correct? Indented paragraphs, new speaker, new paragraph?

ü Is the writing error-free?

ü Has the writer maintained the same tense throughout?

ü What suggestions can you offer the writer for revision?