Ms. Gokturk


Reading Schedule: Oryx and Crake

Please have the following pages completed by each of the following dates. Please understand that absences are not excuses for being unprepared; try your very best to keep up with the readings. If absent, make up the work/quiz for any class missed within two days. In the event of a snow day, we will follow the letter day. In the event of my absence, you should continue to follow the schedule and expect a double quiz upon my return. Please check my website ( or ) for HW, enrichment, and messages.


Reading Number + Pages                  EOW 1                                   EOW 2                                   EOW 4

                                                Due Date/Day             Due Date/Day             Due Date/Day


  1. pages 3-33                    Nov 17 /A                    Nov 18/B                      Nov 17/A
  2. pages 37-68                  Nov 18 /B                     Nov 19 /C                     Nov 19 /C
  3. pages 69-92                  Nov 20 /D                    Nov 21 /E                     Nov 20/D
  4. pages 95-126                 Nov 21 /E                     Nov 24 /F                     Nov 24/F
  5. pages 127-162               Nov 25 /A                    Dec 1/B                        Nov 25/A
  6. pages 163-191               Dec 1/B                        Dec 2/C                        Dec 2/C
  7. pages 192-218               Dec 3/D                       Dec 4/E                                    Dec 3/D
  8. pages 222-251               Dec 4/E                                    Dec 5/F                                    Dec 5/F
  9. pages 252-280               Dec 8/A                       Dec 9/B                        Dec 8/A
  10. pages 282-317               Dec 9/B                        Dec 10 /C                     Dec 10/C
  11. pages 318-347               Dec 11 /D                    Dec 12 /E                     Dec 11/D
  12. pages 348-374               Dec 12 /E                     Dec 15/F                      Dec 15/F



Tips for Reading Oryx and Crake


Jimmy (pre- apocalypse) = Snowman (post-apocalypse)

Glenn = Crake