Ms. Gokturk



Technology in the Future Writing Challenge


YOUR TASK: Write an excerpt from a longer story that shows a point in the future where technology has surpassed human abilities and/or humanity and technology have merged in some way. Draw inspiration from Time Magazine’s “2045: The Year Man Becomes Immortal” by Lev Grossman, the links I posted on my calendar, and the literature from the class. What if any of these scenarios could happen?


Your final piece must be at least TWO pages, single spaced, formatted in LANDSCAPE and TWO COLUMNS.  Please have only a title and byline below it. See the dialogue model that follows this assignment.


  1. What if? Play the what if game and imagine a world where ____.  For example, what if we developed artificial intelligence that took over the world and used humans as batteries?
  2. What’s your take?  Consider your beliefs about the what if scenario. For example, Humanity would need to fight back and possess the world again.
  3. Choose a main character and establish what your protagonist wants.  For example: A computer program who falls in with a crowd of people looking for a savior.
    1. A scientist involved in creating AI
    2. Raymond Kurzweil
    3. An average person
    4. A super intelligent computer
    5. An object in nature
    6. An identical twin
    7. Someone/something else?
  4. Choose a time. For example, One thousand years into the future. It’s not 1999, it’s more like 2099.
    1. Pre-singularity
    2. Post-singularity
    3. Some other future point
  5. Develop the setting using at least one element addressed/predicted in the article, fiction or websites. For example: being able to download into the Matrix and also learn jujitsu instantaneously. Other ideas: brain implants, no more aging/immortality, downloading humans into computers, the life-death-religion relationship, resurrecting the dead, neural implants, silicon as the new “organic,” who is selected for immortality/how,  robots in the job market, relationships with AI, or find another place for inspiration within the material covered.
  6. Create an opposing character / force to your protagonist. What does he/she/it want and how does this create a challenge/obstacle for your protagonist? (You may refer to the above list if helpful.) For example: Agents who are the artificial intelligence working to suppress any uprisings.
  7. Write your excerpt.  It should illustrate your characters in conflict in your setting.  Remain true to your character and/or narrator. Stick to one geographical place; avoid large time jumps. For example, Neo is the One.
  8. Use descriptive writing and dialogue.  It is recommended that you avoid “journal format.”  Rather, select one specific time and place and let your story unfold from there. Flashbacks work well.




Please write at least TWO  8.5 X 11 pages single spaced.  You must fill two FULL pages at minimum or not be eligible for full credit.

Have a title, centered and bolded; no quotation marks. Below, the byline (by YOUR NAME)

This paper was formatted by going to PAGE LAYOUT à Orientation à Select landscape à Select all and Click on Columns = 2.

Times New Roman 11-12 font.

Please NO spaces between paragraphs; please use tab key to indent new paragraphs. (Page layout select 0 spaces before or after); no wide margins

No page numbers.



Every new speaker gets a new  paragraph.  Note how to punctuate.



 “I love cats.” Said Mr. Boo.

“I love cats”, said Mr. Boo.

“I love cats” said Mr. Boo.

Mr. Boo said “I love cats”.



 “I love cats,” said Mr. Boo.

“I love cats!” said Mr. Boo.

“I love cats?” asked Mr. Boo.

Mr. Boo said, “I love cats.”

“I love cats,” said Mr. Boo, “and I hate dogs.”



Dialogue Sample:

English is a Dead Language

By Professor 220391L


            “Should we use dialogue?” 2349 asked. Her sparky voice tone sounded like challenge was on her search menu today.

            Professor 10992 answered, “Of course, 2349.  Dialogue allows us to hear and see what your characters say and do.”  The professor brushed the high dollar synthetic hair out of her eyes.  Her metal professor cap was slipping again. She sighed and pushed back into place along the ridge of her edged skull.

            “Why can’t just assume that the reader is plugged into our neuro-web?  Isn’t this ‘dialogue’ thing just a little out dated?” 2349 blipped her question through 10992’s neuro-portal. She did, however, laugh out loud.

            “2349! This is English, an ancient language class, and you are studying it!” retorted the professor. “We need to keep our history alive, and sometimes the only way to do that is by communicating as our ancestors did.”

            The class shifted, metal and beeps audible, and for a moment, Professor 10992 thought she heard a collective groan.  This made her smile.  Ah, these youngsters, at 150 years old, knew so little, she thought to herself. They had been young humans when they’d been programmed.  The old ways were truly obsolete for them.

            It wasn’t completely obsolete for Professor 10992, though, formerly known as Dr. Sophia Androsman. She had been middle aged when she had made the shift into the Singularity project.  She had been past the peak of her health.  She’d even had biologicals of her own, two. A girl and boy.  It had been so long, she had forgotten that part of her life, the motherhood part.  What had happened to those biologicals?  The memory was vague, foggy, and something painful loomed on its edges.  She wasn’t supposed to remember the debris from that past life.  She did, though, although she never reported it to the neuro-web. Plus, she blocked the tentacles of the web from boring into that part of her memory chip.  She preferred to focus on teaching her Dead Language class to these questions.  It was wiser to do so.

            Studentborg 2349 liked to challenge the dead language class, but Professor 10992 knew that deep down to her circuit board, 2349 loved the class, loved the language.  More than once, the professor had seen her handling the ancient books on paper with gentle reverence.  The professor knew that it wouldn’t be long before 2349 would be asking to know more about the dead world.