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Technology Pre-Reading Activity

Please fill in each section after viewing each clip.  The links for the clips are on on the HW page.                   

Name of Clip.  Please describe the CONTENT of the clip.  Who, what, where, when, why, how… Is it fiction, non-fiction, or speculation?

Comment on your thoughts about the content.  What are the implications of what is presented?  Consider the benefits and negatives. 

“I’ve Got a Secret” Game Show; Raymond Kurzweil











WATSON on Jeopardy!






“WATSON After Jeopardy!” (advertisement)









TedTalk “Technology That Knows  What You’re Feeling” by Poppy Crum












Her Movie Trailer












“Open the Pod Bay Doors, HAL”: 2001: A Space Odyssey












Corning Glass: “A Day in 2020” (advertisement)













Futurescape: “Computer Chips in Your Brain”











“Are Robots Hurting Job Growth?”












20/20 Last Days on Earth Technology Clip @ 16:45 mark