Ms. Gokturk

End of the World


Pamela Zoline’s “The Heat Death of the Universe” Show & Tell Pre-Reading Research Activity


Use our online databases through the Portnet site [library ŕ reference ŕ Worldbook Encyclopedia or try PWPL Port Washington Public Library sites and seek encyclopedias like Britannica Online.  When using the Internet, be careful that you are using a legitimate site. CROSS REFERENCE: don’t just assume the first answer is correct.  Visit multiple sites and compare and then synthesize! You will need to explain your term using your OWN words to the class: you’re the expert!  Wherever possible, please print an image to illustrate the term.


Terms/Words/Names to Define

Paragraph One

1.     Metaphysics


Paragraph Two

2.     Does hair grow after death?

3.     Foraminifera [define and print large images to illustrate]

4.     Define Existentialism


Paragraph Three

5.     Sarah [name significance; Biblical?]

6.     Boyle’s Law [physics, simplified]

7.     Sloss [name significance pre-1967?]

8.     J.S. Bach [type of musical style, form, brief bio; number of children]

9.     Fugue [define the different kinds of fugues  -- musical and psychological]

10. Illeism


Paragraph Four

11. Alameda, California. Describe place.

12. La Florida expedition (Ponce de Leon)

13. Frosted Flakes history – include some taglines [print picture of box from late 60s]

14. Pop Art [define; see Andy Warhol; images, please]


Paragraph Five

15. King Solomon’s Judgment [see two mothers’ story; how is he characterized?]


Paragraph Six

16.  California Gold Rush / Manifest Destiny


Paragraph Eight

17. Mind’s Eye definition

18. Transparent eyeball; Emerson’s “Self Reliance” reference – what does the eyeball mean? [Find the sketch and analyze context]


Paragraph Twelve

19. 1960s fashion [find some images of women’s clothing and undergarments; examine changes in fashion and undergarments from late 50s to late 60s…]

20. Define Yonic Symbolism [examples, too]


Paragraph Fourteen

21. Yin and Yang Signs [get a picture; print it large enough to show the class; what does it represent?]

22. Mandalas [sand art, meaning, significance]

23. Nitrogen Cycle [get chart/table; simplify]


Paragraph Fifteen

24. 819 – is there a numerical significance [Mayan explanation?]


Paragraph Seventeen

25. Saint Veronica [Jesus story; get photo of Veil of Veronica]

26. Baba (Wooden Russian Dolls) [if you have one, bring it in or print a picture; print it large enough to show the class What are they? With what are they associated?]


Paragraph Twenty

27. Define Surrealism

28. Salvador Dali’s painting “Persistence of Memory” [get a picture; print it large enough to show the class] What is represented? What does it mean? Look for analysis of painting.


Paragraph Twenty-Three

29. Turtle Symbolism [hint: look for meaning in look in mythologies around the world – for example, Native American, Hindu, & Asian creation myths.  What does the turtle represent?]


Paragraph Twenty-Six

30. Marcel Duchamp (related to Dada; what is it with him and dust?

31. Manna [define; religious story]

32. Insect in amber [what is it; find image]

33. Dada (Dadaism) [how did it get its name?]


Paragraph Twenty-Seven

34. Try to place in context quote from Shakespeare’s King Lear : “That way madness lies.” What is it referencing?

35. Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa [get a picture; print it large enough to show the class; for what is it famous?]

36. Duchamp’s Mona Lisa (Dada) / “elle a chaud au cul” LHOOQ (related to Dada) [get a picture; print it large enough to show the class; why is it significant?]

37. Arp [related to Dada; what kinds of work did he produce? Images, please.]

38. Picabia [Related to Dada; what kinds of work did he produce? Images, please]


Paragraph Twenty-Eight

39. What is a barometer?


Paragraph Thirty

40.  Kali Goddess of Chaos [find an image; print it large enough to show the class.  Who is she?  Tell her story. Be able to explain what she is wearing/why, what she does, why is her mouth open? ]


Paragraph Thirty-Four

41. Sigmund Freud’s Perspective on Women / Female Psychoanalysis

42. Freud’s Id, Ego, Superego Theory


Paragraph Thirty-Five

43. What is Dualism?


Paragraph Thirty-Seven

44. Tantalus [know story of his crime and punishment; find a depiction of it in art and print graphic]

45. Sisyphus [Greek Mythology]

46. Myth of Sisyphus [Albert Camus’s essay: what’s his take on Sisyphus?]


Paragraphs Forty-One to Forty-Three

47. “Fire and Ice” by Robert Frost [summarize/explain]


Paragraph Forty-Four

48. Define the Absurd [philosophical term]


Paragraph Forty-Nine

49.  Gibb’s Universe – brief explanation


Paragraph Fifty-Four

50. Cosmic Egg [this appears in several creation myths; define creation myth elements; get a picture; print it large enough to show the class]

51. Parabolic Pathway


Whole Story Terms & Definitions

52. Define Metaphysical Conceit

53. Definition of avant garde

54. Determinism

55. Description of Sue Kaufmann’s 1967 The Diary of a Mad Housewife

56. Definition of cognitive estrangement as used in literary criticism

57. What is Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management and how would you describe it? Time period? Can you find a few quotes?

58. Overview/importance of Betty Friedan’s 1963 The Feminine Mystique

59. First Wave Feminism, Second Wave Feminism & Third Wave Feminism