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HW #9

Please type. 1. If you had to select TWO abstract nouns that are most important to how you live your life, what would they be and why? [Abstract nouns are nouns that you cant physically touch patriotism, truth, justice, perfection, ambition, love, etc.] 2. If you had to select TWO concrete nouns that are very important to how you live your life, what would they be and why? [Concrete nouns are nouns that you can physically touch flag, book, plants, ocean, food, friend, etc.] 3. What TWO abstract nouns represent things that you do NOT care about. Please explain why for each. 4. What TWO concrete nouns represent things that you do NOT care about? Please explain why for each.

HW #8 (25 points)

Write a one page, single spaced, TWO columns, landscaped dialogue bewtween Lady Macbeth and Macbeth. See Breakfast Time assignment.

HW #7

Finish the outline (10 points) Generic Outline and write your INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH (5 points). See packet for tips.

HW #6

Create THREE different possible thesis statements for the Oedipus Essay Guidelines ... leave space to add comments.

HW #5 20 points

Complete the Love Triangle handout for "My Oedipus Complex." Thought and detail, please. For the paragraph response, remember that your paragraphs should be AT LEAST 5 sentences and be built with evidence from the text.

HW #4

Read O'Connor's "My Oedipus Complex" and be ready for a quiz. You do NOT have to answer the questions at the end of the story,

HW #3

Write a personal response using details from your life to answer the following: Like Oedipus, you learn (and believe) about your future, and it involves some terrible truths that you can't handle. What does your destiny tell you? Describe some of your darkest fears that involve other people you know. Then, describe what you would do after learning your fate... Why? Write using complete paragraphs that are well developed. Minimum goal is 5 sentences per paragraph.

HW #2

Finish "Button Button" if we did not in class. There may be a quiz. Possibly. The story is linked to your calendar page if you need it again.

HW #1

Read Your Actions Affect What Others Do..... Write a ONE PAGE single spaced response (or TWO pages handwritten) using paragraphs. In essence: describe how observing others shapes your behavior and also how your behaviors shape others. Use specific examples from your life. Really think about this.

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Ms. G's Handouts and Useful Links

  • Writer's Digest "Defining and Developing Your Anti-Hero"
  • The Rise of the Anti-Hero (USA TODAY)
  • An ANti-Hero of One's Own (Tim Adams)
  • Tim Adam's "An Anti-Hero of One's Own"
  • Types of Heroes (Wiki)
  • Top 10 Movie Anti Heroes
  • Anti-Heroes in Sci Fi Films
  • Anti-Heroes
  • An Ode to Envy (Parul Sehgal)

  • "A Rose for Emily"

    Cyrano de Bergerac

  • Cyrano de Bergerac Online Text
  • Cyrano Nose Speech and Fencing Ballade
  • "Online" by Brad Paisley

    Patricia Highsmith

  • Compare Chorus Girl with Ming Assignment
  • Compare Chorus Girl, Ming, and Rat Assignment

    Macbeth Unit

  • Macbeth Online Text
  • Three Different Act 1, Sc 1 (1971, 2006, 2010)
  • Macbeth Act I scene 3 Analysis
  • Lady Macbeth Receives Letter
  • Lady Macbeth and Macbeth Sides 1961 Sean Connery
  • Act I, sc 7
  • If it were done....
  • Story Outline
  • Life in Elizabethan England
  • Macbeth's "If it were done" Soliloquy
  • Macbeth's "Is this a dagger" Soliloquy
  • Shakespeare Insults
  • Macbeth Act V, scene 5
  • Richard the Third Bones

    The Macbeth Project

  • The Macbeth Project
  • MacDonald's Soliloquy
  • Macbeth News Show with Commercials 2012
  • Macbeth Project Sample Foundations 2012 TMZ
  • Cawdor Shore 2013
  • Cawdor Shore with Commercials at end
  • Macbeth Nyquil For Kings Commercial 2013
  • Macbeth Commercial: Victor's Mercenaries 2013
  • Guilt in Macbeth 2013
  • "Dear Malcolm (based on SNL Dear Sister spoof) 2013
  • Macbeth in 100 Seconds" Song (2013)
  • Wonder Pets Macbeth Trailer (2013)
  • Dunsinane Hills (2013)
  • Gabe Lyons' Two Interpretations of Act I, sc 1 (2013)
  • Daggers and Guilt (2013)
  • Jack and Jacob's Movie Trailer Macbeth
  • Messenger Man (A Gossip Girl Inspired Macbeth) [Emily, Emma, Tori, Casey and Maddie]
  • Killa (Macbeth Rap Video by Etha, Ryan, and Dylan)
  • Gabby's Commercial
  • Macbeth: A Children's Book by Jenna and Sabrina
  • Macbeth Restaurant Review by Danielle, Izzy, and Jesse
  • Portable Prophecy Commercial by Allegra, Vicky and Heidi
  • Magic 8 Ball Commercial 2014
  • Macbeth Children's Book 2014
  • Magical Pills Presentation 2014
  • Denise and Jessica's Prezi Presentation
  • Eden's "Is This a Band" (A parody of "Is this a dagger" Soliloquy)
  • Jon and Joe's Kingship for Dummies
  • Chiara, Sam, and Shannon's Animated Macbeth
  • Sophie and Ben's Children's Macbeth
  • Enis, Ben, and Nick's Monkey Macbeth
  • Ashton's Historical Context
  • Michael's Historical Context
  • David, Will, and Andrew's Movie Trailer
  • Alex's Summary Book
  • Rianna's Deadly Daggers Commercial
  • Matt's The Shiving Tree Children's Book
  • Molly's Haunted House Macbeth Style
  • Justin, Gina, and Victoria's Pigeon Macbeth
  • Jeremy and Owen's Macbeth State Farm Commercials
  • Sophie, Claudia, Julia, Phara, Cally, Lauren, and Emily's "Keeping Up with the Macbeths
  • Aoi, Mathias, Brittany and Alex's "Shut Up and Kill" Video
  • Jack, Nikki, and Danny's "Dagger in a Box" SNL spoof Macbeth
  • Ilana and Rachel's Prophecy Commercial
  • Jordan and Rob's "I Just Can't Wait to be King" Macbeth Style
  • Jason's Historical Macbeth: The Supernatural
  • Ryan, Jacob, Matt D, Matt S, Joe and Alec's "Fresh King of Scotland MTV and Hockey Commercial
  • Connor and Sylvia's Macbeth Adaptation 2016
  • Alex's Your Choice Political Satire 2016
  • Emily's Bloody Macbeth 2016
  • Jacob and Jason's Hardcore MacPawn
  • Elijah, Evan, Cesar, and Steven's Macbeth's MTV Cribs
  • Liz, Lulu, Catherin, Savanna, Alison's Macbeth Movie Trailer 2016
  • Andrew, Erick and Josh's Talk Show Interview of Three Kings 2016
  • Caroline, Liz, Sam, and Madi's Macbeth Riff Off 2016
  • Jay's Hamilton/Macbeth Video 2016
  • Mike G's Cheetahs vs. Lions Children's Book
  • Osvalda K and Chloe W's Sleeping Macbeth Children's Book
  • Anthony G, Charlie G, Jonathan J, and Andrew G's TMZ Macbeth
  • Will G and Chris D's Eminem "Lose Yourself" Macbeth Style
  • Carly H, Amanda S, and Daniela C's Chopped Scotland Edition

    Oedipus Rex

  • Oedipus Online Text
  • National Theater on Ancient Theater
  • Ancient Greek Theater
  • Ancient Greek Actors
  • Ancient Greek Theater Site
  • Greek Theater: Tragedy and Comedy
  • Listen to Oedipus Rex online
  • Oedipus Rex Part I
  • Oedipus Rex (1968 film)
  • Short Animated Oedipus
  • Oedipus Overview 60 Seconds
  • Intro Oedipus 60 Seconds
  • Oedipus Characters 60 Seconds
  • Oedipus Theme in 60 Seconds
  • Truth Theme 60 Seconds
  • Power of Prophecy 60 Seconds
  • Eye Motif 60 Seconds
  • Symbols 60 Seconds
  • Teiresias Scene
  • Ode 1 and Scene 2
  • Fight for Kisses: Oedipus Complex and Commercial
  • Freud's Oedipal Complex
  • The Oedipal Complex
  • Oedipal Complex Animation
  • My Oedipal Complex
  • Zones: My Oedipus Complex
  • Woody Allen's Oedipus Wrecks
  • Oedipus Wrecks Review
  • Family Guy Oedipus
  • What Makes Something Funny?

    Newspaper Unit

  • News Story Sample: Standoff in Alabama Ends in Boy's Rescue and Kidnapper's Death
  • News Story Checklist
  • How to Write a News Story
  • How to Write News Stories
  • Profile Sample: Beck
  • Editorial Model
  • Editorial Checklist
  • How to Write Reviews


  • Restaurant Review Sample: Atera
  • Movie Review Sample: Beautiful Creatures
  • Classical Music Review Sample
  • Art Review Sample
  • Book Review Sample
  • Fashion in Ancient Greece
  • Ancient Greek Music
  • Ancient Instruments
  • "A Rose for Emily"

    Raisin in the Sun Unit

  • Raisin in the Sun Online Text
  • African American Hair History Timeline
  • A Look Back at Black Hairy History
  • Chris Rock Trailer "Good Hair"
  • Black Hair History Timeline
  • Essence Black History Month Natural Hair History
  • Journal Wor. Read handout and answer for each of the following characters from the play who hold similar views, labeled clearly: Booker T. Washington Mini Bio, W.E.B. DuBois Mini Bio, Marcus Garvey
  • Act I, Scene 1: Raisin in the Sun
  • Raisin in the Sun Act II, scene 1
  • Jim Crow 1930s PART I
  • The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow

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