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Greek Tragedy Rubric / Checklist


F range Unacceptable L

D range Needs Work

C range


B range


A range


There is tragic hero as the main character.  The character is from high birth, neither totally good nor bad, and has a tragic flaw or error in judgment. HAMARTIA / HUBRIS






The main character has clear motivation.  We understand why he/she does what he/she does. 






Prologue establishes the main character, the setting and the main conflict.







Chorus is used to signify scene changes.  It helps enhance the themes of the play.  The chorus questions, advises, and provides background.






There are clear THEMES that emerge (perhaps amathia/Sophia, fate, or themes relevant to the fairy tale.






The play uses DRAMATIC IRONY to enhance themes and characterization.







The play cleverly uses repeating images/motifs.







The play is written in correct play format. Characters’ names are followed by colons and then dialogue, there is a character list, scenery and stage directions.






The action of the play takes place in ONE DAY and in ONE PLACE.






Each part of the play is labeled: Prologue, Parados, Scene 1, Ode 1, etc. to Exodos






The play presents / reveals

Anagnorisis [change in tragic hero from ignorance to knowledge] &

Peripetiea [reversal in fortune]






The text is clean and error free.  It is obvious that thought, effort and proof-reading went into this play.








Do-Do List                  

               Use chorus to show past

            Use messenger for violent scenes (or “BIG” stuff)

            Stay in one place


-No List

No flashbacks

No change in scenery