Ms. Gokturk


Pre- Reading Macbeth

Group Story Writing Activity


Each part of the story is represented by a number. Consider each a scene. That means that the action must take place in one spot during a short amount of time.


  1. Create a Main Character and a Sidekick. Have another character/s tell your Main Character and the Sidekick a prediction for the future. This future should be really good and get the Main Character thinking about the possibilities. The Sidekick should also hear some good news about his/her future. The futures should somehow be linked. Reveal the setting.
  2. Have the Main Character tell his/her Trusted Companion this news. The Trusted Companion should be named and described. Have the Trusted Companion worry about the main character’s potential to fulfill this better future. The better future must involve the Main Character do something that is not morally right. The Trusted Companion fears that the Main Character is weak and teases/taunts the Main Character.
  3. Have the Trusted Companion plot with the Main Character to make the future happen. There is an Obstacle Somebody who stands in the way and must be removed. Write the plan. The Main Character should struggle with the problem, while the Trusted Companion will want to go through with it.
  4. Have the two carry out the plan. The Main Character should be upset with what he/she has done, yet will, with the help of the Trusted Companion, find a way to frame someone else.
  5. The Main Character now wants to eliminate the Sidekick because the future of the Sidekick could ruin the Main Character’s future. They plan to get rid of the Sidekick and ask Another Party to help them, but Another Party only gets half the job done.
  6. Meanwhile, the Main Character is on a rampage and has decided to remove Another Potential Obstacle to his/her future. Ambition has gone wild!
  7. The Trusted Companion begins to feel guilt for what has been done especially since a lot of it was his/her idea.
  8. Someone or several people impacted from the Main Character’s devious plans decide/s enough is enough and plans to stop the Main Character. Revenge is had. The Main Character is stopped.


Total Characters Needed

  1. Main Character (major)
  2. Sidekick (major)
  3. Trusted Companion (major)
  4. Obstacle Somebody (major)
  5. Framed Person/s (minor)
  6. Another Party to help (minor)
  7. Another Potential Obstacle (minor)