Ms. Gokturk


The Macbeth Creative Project


YOUR TASK:  Analyze Macbeth! Create an audio-visual project  that covers all the requirements and also serves as a teacher for others to understand an aspect of the play. Make Macbeth come alive!


This project is LITERARY ANALYSIS.  This means that your project strives to interpret, understand, and enhance Shakespeare’s purpose in Macbeth.  Before you even begin to think about what project to complete, start posing questions about the play.  Your project will ultimately answer the question/s. For example: what is the purpose of the sleep motif? Is Macbeth in charge of his destiny? What role do secrets or deceptive appearances take? Why have witches at all? Why did Shakespeare even write this play? Why do we still read it?


Since Shakespeare is meant to be seen and heard…. Pick an idea to make that happen.



All projects must use specifics (language, imagery, etc.) from the play in order to be in the A or B range.


Your project must include the following in your own clever way:

·         Theme Study: We have discussed many themes throughout this play.  Include at least one in your project and develop it: Deceptive appearances, falling apart/coming undone, being a man, partnership, traitors, supernatural, order vs. chaos, foul is fair and fair is foul, etc.

·         Soliloquy Study: incorporate in a clever way at least one soliloquy: these are the interior monologues within the character’s mind ( “Unsex me here,” “Is this a dagger,” “If it were done,” “To be thus is nothing,” or “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow”)

·         Characterization – Be sure that your project presents the truth of at least one character. Get inside the character’s head.

·         Imagery / Motifs -- The play is rich with imagery: vivid words and phrases that conjure mental pictures or associations as well as motifs:  reoccurring images or themes. Include rich imagery and motifs in your project. Some reoccurring imagery includes (but is nowhere limited to these): darkness, disease, nature, animals, birds, clothes, insects, sleep, blood, supernatural / hell, etc.  



1.      Modernized remakes of the entire play or a scene

2.      Memorized production of scenes as Shakespeare intended

3.      News broadcast / Investigative Reporting (60 Minutes, 20/20, A & E Biography, etc.)

4.      Spoof: Mimic and highlight themes through your comedic vision (Ron Burgandy, SNL, etc).

5.      TMZ or other gossip programs

6.      Emulate a popular show (Breaking Bad, Gossip Girls, Once Upon a Time, etc.)

7.      Emulate a popular commercial series (Geico, State Farm, etc.)

8.      Design a Reality Show or copy an existing one

9.      Children’s Remakes: Dora, Blue’s Clues, Sesame Street, Elmo, etc.

10.  Commercials / Infomercials for products  or services needed in Macbeth; target that audience using modern conventions

11.  Documentary or Mockumentary

12.  Macbeth in 60 Seconds

13.  Music Video: Rap music, Folk music, High School Musical, Macbeth the Musical

14.  Non-fiction. Historical Context (Supernatural in Elizabethan Era, Why Shakespeare wrote play, etc.), Shakespeare’s biography, etc. This is a research project and teaches us an aspect of Shakespeare’s world to help us understand the play more fully. You must quote and cite all sources MLA style.

15.  Theme /  Amusement Park

16.  Board game

17.  Social Media Exchanges

18.  Art History Research

19.  Macbeth in the White House

20.  Chopped, Cupcake Wars, Iron Chef

21.  Juxtapose Different Interpretations of a Scene (like we saw three different Act I, scene 1 versions)

22.  Psychological Profile / Forensic Files Documentary

23.  Place Characters in Unlikely Scenarios (Macbeth Searching Netflix, Lady Macbeth at the Doctor’s, College Visit, Macbeth Goes to high School, At the Supermarket, etc.)

24.  Broadway Musical

25.  Other?


Been to Build a Bear?  Cool!  We’re not doing that, but we are here to Build a Project! Choose one box from each category.


Will you

Work alone?

Work with a partner?

Work in small group?


Do you prefer to create a

“Stage Performance”

Voiceover Slideshow /

Photo Story / Powtoon / Animation  / Computer Program / etc.

Video / Movie / Awesome Editing


What genre would work best for your topic? CHOOSE THE PROJECT

Best for SOLO:



Children’s Book

Compose and perform music

Amusement Park

Historical Research

Best Groups of 3 or less:


Scene Remake


Music Video


Best for Groups of 3+:


Documentary Mockumentary

TV show

News Program



How will you present Shakespeare’s language?

Authentic Shakespeare: Use his words! Performance is KEY.


Translation, please! But keep the specifics in there! Try to use his phrases.


Poke fun at the Bard! But keep the specifics in there! Try to use his phrases.



Please submit your project by emailing me the link, burning on DVD or saving on a thumb drive.