Ms. Gokturk


The Macbeth Project


YOUR TASK:  complete a project that illustrates a real understanding of Macbeth.


This project is LITERARY ANALYSIS.  This means that your project strives to interpret, understand, and enhance Shakespeare’s purpose in Macbeth.  Before you even begin to think about what project to complete it, start posing questions about the play.  Your project will ultimately answer the question/s. For example:



Look in your journal for other questions.  The question/s you pose should be “meaty” and interesting…. Once you have an solid purpose, you can decide how best to deliver it.




Everyone must complete a project.  All projects have a visual and audio component.  All projects will strive for insight and creativity. All projects will demonstrate an understanding of Macbeth.  All projects will exhibit thought and effort.


All projects must use specifics (language, imagery, etc.) from the play in order to be in the A or B range. 


Build a Project ….. Choose one box from each category.


Will you

Work alone?

Work with a partner?

Work in small group?



Do you prefer to create a

“Stage Performance”

Voiceover  Slideshow /

Photo Story / Powtoon / Animation  / Computer Program / etc.

Video / Movie


What genre would work best for your topic? CHOOSE THE PROJECT

Best for SOLO:



Children’s Book

Compose and perform music

Amusement Park

Historical Research

Best Groups of 3 or less:


Scene Remake


Music Video


Best for Groups of 3+:


Documentary Mocumentary

TV show

News Program



How will you present Shakespeare’s language?

Authentic Shakespeare: Use his words! Performance is KEY.


Translation, please! But keep the specifics in there!


Poke fun at the Bard! But keep the specifics in there!


How will you submit your Macbeth project?

Submission is a live performance!

Submit on flashdrive or CD

Submit via a web link (Youtube, etc.)