Ms. Gokturk



Macbeth Project Rationale (20 points)


Every student should write their own rationale.  Please write a one page, single spaced (about 500 words) rationale about your work on your project. This is your ‘defense’ about how your project fulfills the requirements and what your role was in the project:


·         The project must interpret and enhance Shakespeare’s Macbeth.  What did you do specifically to achieve this? (Thesis)

·         Theme Study: The project  includes at least one theme and develops it: Deceptive appearances, falling apart/coming undone, being a man, partnership, traitors, supernatural, order vs. chaos, foul is fair and fair is foul, etc.

·         Soliloquy Study: The project incorporates at least one soliloquy in a clever way (Unsex me here,” “Is this a dagger,” “If it were done,” “To be thus is nothing,” or “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow”).

·         Characterization – The project explores the characterization of at least one character.

·         Imagery / Motifs -- The project includes rich imagery and/or motifs. Some reoccurring imagery includes (but is nowhere limited to these): darkness, disease, nature, animals, birds, clothes, insects, sleep, blood, supernatural / hell, etc.  


This is basically an essay (although you may use “I”) that holds a thesis that you did, in fact, meet the requirements, and you did it how?  Use direct quotes from the play and your project to support.  Your rationale should discuss HOW it met the requirements for each of the above categories.