Ms. Gokturk


Essay Guidelines (Double Spaced, turnitin, ~ 1000 words+)


YOUR TASK: Write an essay in which you compare/contrast Oedipus Rex with ONE of the following works:


 “My Oedipus Complex” (O’Connor) OR   The Truman Show


Your goal is to construct an arguable, interesting, and complex thesis statement to serve as the criteria for analysis for two works.


Once you have a position statement, ask yourself WHY.  Why has the author presented this? What does the author/director want for you to contemplate? You will want to analyze themes, conflicts, etc.  Then, HOW?  How does the author present his vision of the world? Naturally discuss techniques in your essay (characterization, juxtaposition, symbols, hyperbole, imagery, etc.).


Topic Ideas:  Turn one or more into a thesis

Sophia [AKA wisdom, rational thinking, enlightenment, “know thyself,” etc.]

Amathia [AKA ignorance or unknowing, irrational, denial, etc.]

Light / Dark / Shadows

Vision / Blindness

Control / Fate

Free Will

Secrecy / Conspiracy

Happiness / Love

Id, Superego, Ego

Fathers or Mothers

Imprisonment / Freedom


To be a Hero or Not

Hell is Other People

Find a quote about FATE or BLINDNESS and interpret it as your thesis statement

Discuss both through Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave” (Plato)

Other? What’s your observation?


Some Fresh Ways to Attack the Beast

Analyze the role of a minor character in each work

Symbol buffet: examine the objects / actions

It’s a Journey to ____ : how is the character’s story a journey

Not Justifiable Reasons: examine how the character is wrong

How to Beat the Monster: how does the character placate the terrible?

Domino Effect/Jigsaw Puzzle

The Why Game:  ask why to everything and pick the most interesting answer

Intimate Places