Ms. Gokturk



Zones: “My Oedipus Complex” by Frank Connor (10 points)


Draw a circle in the middle of  your page after folding it into 10 boxes.  Write the name of the story in the circle, your names, and draw an image to illustrate the story.


Which of Larry’s opinions or misunderstandings did you find most comical? Share your favorite passage/s. 



Conflict with Father. Find and explain where Larry conflicts with his father.

Dramatic Irony.  Find and explain one example of dramatic irony in the text. * Remember, the audience knows something the character does not.


Conflict with Mother.  Find and explain where Larry has a conflict with his mother.

How would you state the theme of this story? 




Conflict with Larry.  Find and explain where Father has conflict with Larry.  What details support that his father is jealous of him?

Symbol.  Identify and explain an important symbol in the story.



Conflict with Larry.  Find and explain where Mother has conflict with Larry.

Resolution. How can we tell that Larry’s Oedipal stage is over? 


What is the most important observation you can make from the reading/writing you just completed?  Please state it in one strong sentence.